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AA-gun question.

  • I in invade Western Europe with England and bring an AA-gun. Next turn Germany retakes Western Europe. What about the aa-gun. Is he allowed to move the aa-gun back to Germany og southern Europe in the same turn he invaded Western Europe?

  • 2007 AAR League

    You cannot move an AA gun you captured on the same turn.

  • The logic being:

    The AA Gun was technically involved in a Combat (even if it did not fire at planes during the combat), so it cannot make a Non-combat move.  The only pieces that defy this general rule are planes (explicitly excepted in the rulebook) and Panzerblitzing German tanks (German National Advantage - also explicitly excepted.)

    This might also be explained as a common behaviour of the grey pieces - AA Guns and Complexes - in that if they are captured or liberated, the new owner doesn’t assume functional control of them until the end of the turn during which their capture or liberation occurred.  I actually like this justification better than the one above.


  • The above posters are correct, the AA cannot be moved in the same turn it is captured.

    Another “rule rationalization” reason for it:
    No land units are permitted to retreat from a combat zone after the battle is over.

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