• CAn i attack the UK via sz 7 or do alll the sea units in sea zones that border uk have to be cleared. beacuse inanother thread which said to build uk navy and let the germanys unit in sz 7. CAn’t germany attack the uk capturing it or is there some rule i am over looking?

  • Im pretty sure you dont need to clear all of the the zones bordering, just the one youre trying to invade from.

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    Yep, just the one you are assaulting from.

  • I don’t know where sea zone 7 is.  I am guessing it is southeast of London.

    If you are unloading from a sea zone, all hostile naval units in that sea zone must either be destroyed or submerged before you unload.

    The presence of absence of hostile naval units in other sea zones adjacent to the territory you are unloading to make no difference.  It makes no immediate difference if the US has twenty battleships southwest of London if you are unloading southeast of London.

    So usually if you have a big UK fleet southeast of London, Germany should not try invading, because most of Germany’s navy will die, and there will be very little ground and air left to attack London.  At least one transport has to survive the naval battle, because the naval battle takes place BEFORE any units can be unloaded from transports into enemy territory.

    Much better in most cases is sacrificing the Baltic fleet and attacking together with Western Europe fighters to decimate the UK navy.

    You can either sacrifice the Baltic navy to destroy the UK battleship, or retreat.  If retreating, the Baltic fleet will often be destroyed by either the UK battleship plus UK air, or by hit and run by UK followed by US air (this allows the UK battleship to possibly be preserved if UK builds some fodder units, but unlikely if Germany’s air still strong).  If the Baltic navy does not retreat (so the UK battleship is destroyed), any Baltic units will probably be destroyed by the US Atlantic fleet along with US air from London.

  • english channel. my question is if the allies leave it empty. lets say you buy 3 transports then the uk buys a destoyer and some navy. they  place it in another sz allowing the med fleet and the baltic fleet to unit. Can’t they attack London?

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    An amphibious invasion only requires the sea zone it is being launched from to be cleared of enemy units.

    If the Brits leave the English Channel empty, Operation Sealion is one step closer to success.  It does not matter if every other sea zone on the map has enough allied ships to fill the ocean, all that matters is the English Channel has no defending units.

    For this discussion, submerged submarines do not count as opposing units.  Fighters do, even if their CV is sunk.

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