Best A&A Game for Beginners

  • Whenever I try to introduce someone to A&A I wonder which board to use. I think BOB and DDay are kinda a seperate game, so I am wreally just refering to the three:
    Which one do you recommend for teaching new people.
    I usually use Revised, but I starting to wonder if it would be better to use Europe.

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    I would say either Europe or Revised. Pacific has to much confusion with the convoy rules. Probably revised while a bit more to think about strategically its ruleset is more streamlined.

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    I agree, Revised is the most simplified, and if you can get a full five player game the new guy will catch on in no time.

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    I agree with you guys revised is the way to go; however, I had one buddy who just didn’t grasp the concepts until he started DDay. So I would have to say it depends on the person also.

    The only thing I can think of that made DDay easy to start with is all the idiot cards tell you what to do in order. But for the most part I stick with revised

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