How does Axis and Allies compare to Memoir '44?

  • I know this is an A&A board, so I expect a slight slant :), but I was wondering if and why A&A is superior to Memoir '44.  Is this more suitable for the miniatures board, perhaps?  Do the games compare at all? I keep hearing on other sites how much everyone loves Memoir '44, but use A&A miniature pieces.  Just hoping for comments.  Thanks.

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    Same planet, different worlds. Comparing Memoir '44 to Revised, Pacific or Europe. Closer to D-day and Botb but not very.

    First off the scope of Memoir '44 is usually single battles. No IPCs or purchasing re-inforcements in Mem44. I have not played it but it is the same system largely as Battlecry. First you choose a scanairio and set up the pieces with terrain features that will effect movement and shooting (no terrain effects in A&A.) Then you must eliminate a set number of enemy units.

    You have a hand of order cards that you use to determine which of your units may move and attack. The cards are geared to certain sections of the battlefield divided into three sections. If all your units are in the right flank and you keep getting the left flank cards a solid position can crumble very quickly. Dice determine casualties. The number of dice is based on the distance between units and their strength not just strength like A&A.

    I like Battlecry but it is a lot like backgammon. Not sure if you are really playing well or are really lucky. You can also get two or three games in in about two and a half hours.

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    I played Memoir this past weekend.  I thought is compared to a simplified Axis and Allies Minis.  Definately fun, but two person only and nothing like Axis and Allies Revised, Original etc.

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    I really enjoy Battlecry. I think Battlecry and Memoir are probably closer to BOTB. Even in BOTB though you don’t have terrain effects. The minis comparison is valid to a degree. Memoir is way cheaper though.

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    Defineately cheeper.  I think teh scale of M44 is closer to minis than BOTB, probably somewhere between the two.  I am probably going to start using M44 maps for my minis games.

  • btw df - i really appreciate you not telling the rest of the board how you figuratively spanked me at memoir44 . . . my ass is still sore!

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    LOL… since you mentioned it… BAM!

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