• Do you need 3 successes to complete a tech or 4? My group and I have been playing with 3 successes and it somewhat seems that some of the nations end up with practically all the tech. Are we doing it wrong?

  • @insanehoshi There is four stages, so you need four successes. You need one to place the roundel on the board, then one to move it to stage 2. Then you take two more to finish it.

  • If there was any doubt, with the 1939 setup, some powers start with tech at stage 1 or 2, for instance Japan has Long Range Aircraft (Stage 1) and Heavy Battleships (Stage 2).

    Therefore, all other tech are at zero (no marker on the Technology Chart), so you indeed need four successes to complete a tech.

    Also remember that if you start in 1936, you cannot research beyond stage II before July 1939 (Rule 7.6 and Global War Tech Sheet), which should also prevent all nations from ending up with all the techs.

    I have yet to see a game when even the technology superpowers like Germany and the USA have acquired everything.

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