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    Hey all.

    Couple clarification questions here. As last time I played, there are a few rules I’ve maybe made assumptions on, that I’m now not seeing definitive proof of in the rule book (or I’m just missing it). Some things seem obvious to me, but my brother is assuming things differently (which I think is largely colored by how these rules would affect him in our current game haha).

    1. When the UK goes to war, do both the FEC and ANZAC also automatically go to war? I’ve always assumed this is a yes, as they are part of the Commonwealth, and, as the rules say, the FEC isn’t technically a separate country yet.

    The situation is that Germany attacked Denmark and Belgium. This triggered the 2D12 die rolls for the UK and France (x2, since two nations were attacked). This put the UK at their 24 IPP wartime income, and making them eligible to declare war on Germany, which they did (along with France).

    Because they UK is now at war, would the FEC and ANZAC also be considered at war with Germany, and their IPP’s raised to wartime levels?

    My answer to this, as I stated above, is yes. My brother to his mind thinks no. I believe he’s wrong, but I’m struggling to find a concrete reading of that in the rules. This seems answered to me at page 12 of the rule book:

    “Great Britain determines when the Commonwealth goes to war. The British player may overrule the FEC and ANZAC players if they wish to declare war before Britain is ready.”

    But again, just wanted to clarify here.

    1. Cities. When a city is surrounded, and a subsequent attack takes place, I’ve always interpreted the rule to be that infantry have their normal defense of 4 in the city. Cities typically give a +1 defense, but give a -1 when surrounded. I’ve always thought that meant the bonus and negative just cancel each other out, thus making infantry the standard 4 on defense at that point. Is that correct?

    Spanish Civil War was happening. Nationalists surrounded Madrid. When the attack happened, my brother again wondered aloud if the -1 meant that the infantry should only defend at 3. His thinking was that the city being surrounded negative effect negated the +1 defense already BEFORE one would apply the -1 to the defense. I don’t think that is right, but again, I’m not seeing a definitive in the rule book. Thoughts?

    1. Technology. The rule book states that “No technology can be researched prior to July 1939.” Does this mean that no tech rolls can even be attempted before that turn? Or does it just mean that you can’t “activate”, if you will, the affects of the tech if one were to successfully research it until that time?

    Not going to lie, the first few times we played the game, tech was largely overlooked by everyone. I think it was just forgotten about constantly. This has changed dramatically this game so far, as everyone is rolling for tech. But it dawned on me that I could interpret the rule two ways. This happened because the Germans have successfully researched Jet Aircraft, and it’s only January 1939. It’s obviously just a a game, but it seemed odd to me that the Germans can now start pumping jet fighters out in July 1939 when that didn’t historically happen.

    My gut told me that you couldn’t even be allowed to attempt tech rolls until July 1939. But my brother wondered differently, again. Plus we’d already rolled for multiple turns by that point, and figured it was too much to stop now. Thoughts on that one?

    Thanks as always.

    1. The UK, FEC and ANZAC are one nation - the Commonwealth, and different economies. Everything about the UK is about both the FEC and ANZAC, only the UK is the boss and everything is up to it.
    2. A city that is not surrounded, ie units within it are defending +1. If it is surrounded it does not return to the regular 4 but goes to 3. Imagine it as a lack of supply in a real war situation.
    3. Technologies have only begun to develop since 1939. We follow the historical course as much.
      Hope it helps.
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    Thanks for the reply @HMS-Serapis!

    Just to clarify:

    1. So you agree with me that they all should now be at war with Germany and all at wartime income, correct?

    (Side note: I agree with all you said, except one thing. ANZAC is still it’s own nation in terms of a Home Country. FEC does not have a Home Country other than London, but Sydney serves as ANZAC’s Home Country Capital. This is important because that means ANZAC can build/upgrade Major Industrial complexes, while the FEC cannot do that. It also means that ANZAC can build shipyards and build capital ships, which the FEC would not be able to do since a Major Factory is needed to build a shipyard).

    1. Thank you for that. I truly had not read the rule to mean that all this time. I really thought the bonus and negative effects just cancelled each other out, making infantry a normal 4, but it sounds like that is not the case!

    2. Not 100% sure I’m understanding your meaning. Are you saying that technologies cannot begin to be researched/rolled for until July 1939 then?



  • Therefore:

    1. We agreed. Also ANZAC is a nation of its own, only politically under the Commonwealth umbrella (I was wrong in the first post).
    2. I confirm
    3. Um, as far as I understand, until July 1939 there is no research beyond the second stage. We get research dice from the start of the game (?) for each undamaged major factory … however we cannot research technology beyond stage II.
      On stage III. we are only going after July 1939. Correct me if i’m wrong.
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    Agreed on #1, and thanks again on #2!

    For #3, I’m not sure I’m following you. Here’s the rule from the rule book:

    “Technology Research
    7.5 Technology Development: To develop technology, a nation pays 2 IPP to the bank for
    each technology it is attempting to develop. A nation may be developing as many technologies
    as it wants at once but can only make one roll per turn per technology. No technology can be
    researched prior to July 1939.
    7.6 Technology Chart: The Technology Chart (Table 7-2) lists the technologies and the
    number needed to pass each stage of development. Rolling the indicated value or higher on a
    D12 results in success and the player places a roundel on that stage of development to show it
    is complete (Note that some nations begin with markers on the chart signifying a head start in
    one mor more technologies.) In later turns the player may continue to advance the marker by
    paying 2 IPP and passing development stages until the marker is on Stage 4 (Completion).
    Once a nation’s marker reaches Stage 4 the technology is immediately available for purchase
    and use.”

    Are you referencing a different game? Maybe the New Version 3 non-finalized rules? Or the Global War 1939 game, not to be confused with the Global War 1936 discussed here?

    I only ask because I don’t think the rules mention getting research dice per undamaged major factories, nor does it specify being able to research up to the second stage. Unless I’ve missed something completely.

    My question is really on the last sentence of rule 7.5 above: “No technology can be researched prior to July 1939.” What I don’t know is if that means you cannot even start researching until July 1939, or if you can begin research before that point, but couldn’t “activate”, if you will, the potential completed technologies until that time. My assumption is the former, but hoping for clarification.

  • Yes, I meant V3 rules where it says:
    7.6 Technology Research: Major Factories are the source of your Technology
    Research capacity. For every undamaged possessed Major Factory, you get 1
    Technology die roll per turn. You can only roll for a technology once per turn.
    A damaged factory yields no rolls.
    Note: If you repair a damaged factory you get the Technology die roll in the same turn.
    You cannot research beyond stage II before July 1939.

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    @HMS-Serapis Ahhhh there’s our mix up. I’m referring to the Version 2 rules. I don’t plan on playing with Version 3 until they are completed and there’s a full rule set and not a beta draft available! So I hadn’t looked too closely at those.

    So yeah, I’m talking about the current Version 2 rules still. But, it sounds like with what Version 3 is going off of, that the rule should probably be that things cannot begin to be researched even until July 1939, in answer to my question. That would be quite the deviation from the Version 2 rules if that were not the case.

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