• Do submarines get First strike each round or once in step 1 per table 9-4? The combat procedure sites repeat steps 3-7 ( which does not include step 1 first strike ). (Table 9-4 ). Also, does the presence of ONE destroyer invalidate ALL first strike for subs?



  • @timjim2 The Destroyer question is easy. According to rule 9.10 in version 3.0 of the Rules, “Submarines have first strike unless the Enemy has a Destroyer present”, so clearly one Destroyer is enough to prevent all first strikes. No rule suggests that you have to match each submarine with a destroyer.

    To your first question, the “steps 3-7” reference seems to exclude repeating first strikes in step one, but I must confess that I have been playing with first strike on each round. Thinking about it, once the battle has started, the surprise effect would be lost after the first shot is fired…

    If this is correct, the same would apply to artillery in land combat, as per Table 9-2. We have also been repeating the artillery first strike on each round of combat…

    So, you ask a good question. I would like to know also if there is only one first strike round, as the rules suggest.

  • '18 '17 '16

    In all cases first strike is only in the first round.

  • Another fine example of being wrongly influenced by Axis and Allies in this game. In A&A Global, the submarines have first strike on each round of naval combat. Thanks for the clarification GHG.

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