• My question is with one tank can I blitz with a fighter, tactical bomber, mechanized unit, and a self propelled artillery at the same time? So the key is a medium armor and bring those unit which pair with one tank? And if you have advanced mechanized infantry you will then bring one medium tank, one mechanized infantry, two advanced mechanized infantry,self propelled artillery, fighter, and a tactical bomber?

  • I believe the situation you described, according to V3 rules, is not how the pairing works. It’s my understanding that each blitzing armor (i.e. medium or heavy armor) can be supported by one additional unit that has pairing capability. For example, having four medium armors means that one fighter, one tactical bomber, one mechanized, and one self propelled artillery can come along (or some subset combination of blitz pairing capable units that totals no more than 4). In the case of having advanced mechanized, two advanced mechanized could take up the “slot” normally reserved for just one accompanying blitzing unit.

    Hope this clarifies the rule. Someone please correct me if this is an incorrect understanding.

  • Ok thank you for that information


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