[Global 1940] Balancing Calcutta Crush - IJA vs IJN inter service rivalry

  • IJA vs IJN inter service rivalry rules for G40

    Hi everyone

    This is my first post. I get into A&A G40 on and off over the years, play it solely on Triple A as I do not have time or space for physical logistics, although I really wish I could have a real set like General Handgrenade or Grasshopper on Youtube.

    There are some posts here on this inter service rivalry between the present day US forces but only one post about Imperial Japan, about 11 years ago:

    Aug 20, 2009, 12:02 PM
    “As far as Japan being controlled by one player, just as a thought bust it up into two. The Japanese Army and Navy could have actually taught the US about inter service rivalry. Let one player control the Mainland Asia assets and another play the rest. They would have to work out purchases amongst themselves. Not suggesting such as an official rule or such, but as a way to spread things out.”

    When I was playing A&A Classic as a kid, I read something about how the different and feuding samurai families enlisted into the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) and the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), which triggered me to think about inter service rivalry rules for in-house play, just for fun. I made up some rules but had trouble figuring out how to implement the rivalry. Kudos to @a44bigdog for the post and suggesting that Japanese forces be split between two players!

    I am not a historian and some of the things I will want to put in are based on what I have read. I may eventually offer some historical background or rationale for my rules in a later post, but for now, just focusing on the rules.

    With the present call to balance out Japan because of the Calcutta Crush strategy, this may just be what is needed, or to simply allow an extra player into a G40 game, ie. TWO players will play Japan, with one player taking the IJA and the other the IJN. Such split role may also be useful to ease a new player into learning the rather complex nuances of naval and amphibious assault operations, by pairing with a more experienced player in playing Japan.

    Here’s my take on the IJA vs IJN inter service rivalry house rules for G40. Add to it or custom to taste.

    1. Areas of Command
      a. IJA will lead all operations on the Asia mainland itself and the Philippines. This is the only Pacific island that IJA will have jurisdiction over.
      b. IJN will lead all operations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and all the islands, including Borneo, Indonesia and New Guinea. When in doubt, apply the question, “is it an island or a large island in the Pacific or Indian Oceans and not part of the Asia mainland?” Yes = IJN, with exception of the Philippines. No = IJA.
      c. However, for a land invasion of Australia and defense of the home islands, including Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the IJA will assume overall command. These operations and the Philippines, are ‘big’ enough that the IJA needs to take command.

    2. Starting Units
      a. IJA - All starting land and air units in Japan, Korea, Manchuria, the occupied China provinces and Siam. (Also see SNLF section below.)
      b. IJN – All naval and air units in the SEA of Japan, and all air, land and naval units in the Pacific and its islands.

    3. IJN Special Naval Landing Forces or land forces (SNLF)
      a. The first Infantry unit deployed on an island is assumed to come under the command of the IJN. All subsequently Infantry beyond the first are under the IJA. Therefore, the IJN may make all unilateral decisions on this first infantry unit without the approval of the IJA.
      b. The exception is the Caroline Islands, representing IJN’s great naval base of Truk, where the IJN is allowed up to 2 Infantry units plus 1 AAA gun.
      c. The IJN has 1 Infantry (SNLF) stationed in Kiangsi, China. (came ashore during the Battle of Shanghai (Kiangsu) and then advanced south) All the remaining units in Kiangsi belong to the IJA.

    4. The Kwangtung Army in Manchuria
      This force is the strategic reserve that guards Imperial Japan’s colonial interests in Manchuria.
      a. the starting Tank in Japan must be first transported to the Kwangtung Army in Manchuria.
      b. All starting land units in Manchuria will form the Kwangtung Army may not move elsewhere during the game except into the Soviet Union or Mongolia. However, the IJA air units may be redeployed elsewhere in the Asia mainland.

    5. The Defense Budget & Unit Purchases
      The IJA and IJN players may negotiate this each Round. However, a minimum base of 20% of the total IPCs must be spent on IJA or IJN purchases. Japan may swing heavy on land/IJA or naval/IJN purchases, but the minimum spend of 20% on land or naval units needs to be maintained. E.g. Total available IPCs = 50. Both players agree to go heavy on land. However, they need to set aside 10 IPCs (20%) for IJN naval units, etc.

    May be built by IJA–Factory, Air Base, Infantry, Artillery, Armor, Fighter, Tactical Bomber, Bomber, AAA gun, Transport

    May be built by IJN–Naval Base, SNLF Infantry, Fighter, Tactical Bomber, Bomber, AAA gun, Transport and all naval combat ships.

    If you have different sculpt pieces of Japanese forces from different A&A sets, you can designated specific ones as IJN units.
    For third party, I remember Airfix has the infantry pieces and Tamiya has nice sculpts of Japanese Zeros, Vals and Kates.

    Have fun and please critique the rules to make it better.

  • 2022 2021

    @fat-belly-general Fascinating idea, I just might give it a try playing it over the YouTube someday!!!

  • 2022


    I really like this idea, as it allows even in a three player game to have two players as the Axis.

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