• I did a solo game this weekend with the Anzac and UK as one country. Seems like the New UK could be alot more aggressive towards Japan or, aggressive period, in the right hands.
    They have a decent surface fleet if you can get them combined. The airforce is ok and with a couple of purchases can be decent. Ground forces seem to be the weak point but with 27 bucks to play with a couple troops here and there and your definitely in the game.
    Is my analysis close to what you guys have experienced or am I looking at it wrong.

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    @clwalk This seems like house rules stuff to me.

    Yeah, you can combine them, but then the combined forces in Egypt are more powerful than the OOB Europe setup.

    Also, “aggressive” is pretty inaccurate historically for those powers.

    With full income available to either location, one of them is essentially unconquerable for Japan. Against that I would probably use my trick J1 opening or loop Japanese forces past India to the Middle East with a J4, keeping India and ANZAC completely out of it until it was too late.


  • @marshmallow-of-war
    I was using younggrasshoppers tournament set-up for the board. UK London still controls Egypt and Africa. UK Pacific is pretty much everything else in the Pacific theater including Australia. Another change he made was UK Pacific goes after Germany and before Japan.
    I know he changed a few rules for UK Pacific concerning the “money islands”. I might of used the term aggressive to loosely. I think if reinforced right they could definitely make Japan think twice about a J1 attack or at least make it very costly with the right roll of the dice.

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    @marshmallowofwar I agree a consolidated Pacific economy could be dangerous; one nerf would be to downgrade the Calcutta factory to force the player to spend in Australia, build an IC in West India or upgrade the Calcutta one but at a hefty cost.

  • @general-veers
    Grasshopper has India as a minor factory till turn 3 or Japan attacks it. So it’s definitely nerfed in that aspect.
    He does have a video explaining everything on YouTube.

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