• The only example it gives is one that takes 3 turns to build, but the wording suggests that it would apply to ships or facilities that take 2 turns to build as well. As in once the tech is completed, instead of saving the 1 ipp per cycle, a player could pay for a cruiser or airfield and complete them the turn they start. It doesn’t specify whether that was only intended for 3 stage ships and facilities or all ships and facilities. Can anyone clarify this? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  • If you look at the Global War Tech Sheet, it’s pretty clear:

    « When a nation develops Improved Construction technology it gets the following advantages:
    All facilities and ships cost -1IPP per cycle. Instead of saving 1 IPP per cycle, a player may pay for the first two construction turns at the same time: A facility that costs 5/5/5 could be built for 10/5. Minor Shipyards can produce 2 units per turn. Major Shipyards can produce 8 units per turn. »

    Section 7.8 of the Rules is almost identical, but is more clear that it gives only an example « Thus, a facility that costs 5/5/5 could be built for 10/5 ».

    While the example only covers a 3-cycle facility (x/x/x) the rules also work perfectly for a 2-cycle (x/x) facility or ship, and still give you the option to combine the first two construction turns (out of two) if you waive the IPP saving.

    This makes it a very strong technology to research, especially for a US, British or Japanese naval strategy.

  • @Noneshallpass
    A strong tech indeed. I’m assuming that the all cycles part would also apply to ships that can be built in 1 turn. So destroyers would cost 6 and subs 5?

  • '18 '17 '16

    Yes that’s correct.

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