• Guys, excuse the confusion on my part, but I want to make sure that I am reading the right threads for strategy advice.

    When you reference Axis & Allies - Revised, that is the version that was made a back in 2004 I believe and is featured at the link below:

    http://www.rainydaygames.ca/Product.asp?Product=HAS86620&Name=Axis and Allies - revised edition

    Is this correct???

    This is the version we are playing on now (started with the original A&A from the 70’s and played that for years).  My confusion comes as you guys are referencing a2nd edition, 3rd edition, and a revised A&A board, and I want to make sure that when you say revised edition that it is the same board that i am using.


  • 2nd ed = Classic
    3rd ed = Revised

    I think…

    But what’s 1st ed?

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    I’m not sure when 1st Edition came out (long long long time ago), but some rules in that were unlimited placement at new IC’s.
    I think you could even use Mulit-national forces too for offense.

    2nd Ed - sometime in early 80’s ???

    Not sure when it exactly came out, basically the board game anytime between say '80-'98.

    3rd Ed - when the CD version came out (with the bad AI and all), there was also a new update of the rules that came out at the time.  Either solely b/c of the CD or before it.  not sure of exact time.  Infact 3rd Ed may only refer to what you can do on the 98 CD version.  But has been used in Play by email, pending the players preference.

    But 3rd edition, added 2-hit BB’s as an option, submerging subs, fixed the W can to E can sz tran loading, aircraft can retreat from amphib assualts, and a few other things.

    Revised, while basically the same, does have new units, terrirtories and sea zones and a different game board.  And yes this is the 2004 Version.  I think 2004 is right.Â

    I consider Classic either 2nd or 3rd Rules, b/c they are played on the exact same board, only 3rd ed tried to fix some little quirks.  2nd and 3rd are just refering to updated rulesets for the same game (Classic as we call it).  Revised goes beyond that with the board/unit changes and all.

    Hope this helps.

  • yup.  thanks!

  • Revised is sometimes also called 4th Edition.

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