How much of an A&A sore loser are you?

  • @murraymoto:

    it’s not the losing that bugs me, it’s losing and then the being made fun of for playing the Imperial March from Star Wars back at the beginning of all my turns during the game and still losing.

    That’s why I wait to play the Imperial March until I am either going to take Moscow, Berlin, or Tokyo.

  • '19 Moderator

    I prefer Ride of the Valkries myself

  • 2007 AAR League



    I also feel embarressed when I get a string of “unearned” luck.  It is one thing if I put together a hair-brained plan that can pull my butt out of the fire with a good roll or three.  I figure that is good play.  It is entirely different when I start rolling good dice non-stop in a plan where it just starts to decimate the other guy.  I feel sorry for the other guy at that point.

    Very true, it’s always better to hear “Man, I didn’t see that comming” than “If you hadn’t had that dice run…”

    It feels beter to win with average or even bad dice.

    Nothing like a good dice run to take all the satisfaction out of a beautiful plan.

  • Being beaten by dice SUCKS.  No other way to put it.

    But I also will never give up my dice.  They are too integral to the game.  And to be honest, those players who can “think on the fly” and can compensate for bad dice, really deserver major kudos.  To my thinking, those falks are the BEST gamers out there, and certainly far better than some folks who used to frequent these boards who simply had worked through the sims so many times that they had memorized the possibilities, run them all thorugh a sim, and had a “canned answer” to ever move and relied on “low luck” to make sure that the game stayed within “pre-set parameters”

    JSP is one of those players that I think highly of.
    Darth is another I place in that category.

    Others here are as well I am sure, but I have not had a chance to see or play many of the newer board members.

    Against two very balanced players, the game is often decided by two factors:
    Who makes the most mistakes loses (the most critical factor)
    Who gets the best luck early (not as critical, but if the shift in luck is large enough, it can be devastating, especially early in the game).

    Now, as for MUSIC…

    Ride of the Valkeries is great, but only if you are playing Germany.

    As UK though too often I find myself more along the “Bridge on teh River Kwai” motif… whistling merrily along as my forces die  :evil:

  • '19 Moderator

    Good point, I tend to focus on Germany because I think they are the most fun to play.

  • Can America lose if you have the soundtrack to Patton playing in the background?  :mrgreen:

  • @ncscswitch:

    Being beaten by dice SUCKS.  No other way to put it.

    I have been beaten by gutsy players that go for long shots that got lucky on dice.

    I have been beaten by regular players that went for regular strategies and got lucky on the dice (creating unpredicted results)

    I have been beaten by players that took advantage of weaknesses in my position after I suffered higher than predicted casualties in particular battles.

    But I have never been beaten by dice.

    Dealing with bad dice is a part of good strategy.

    Yes, sometimes the dice ARE completely ridiculous, but that’s part of the fun of the game.

  • Hey, gracias Yoper.

    You know, one of the most enjoyable games MightyAirforce and I had was playing you and VDisc at Origins.  You’re both fun players and excellent sportsmen.  It’s play like that that brings you back to the events.  In fact, after seeing how you ran the game, M.A. and I were curious to see how you run your tournament.  Pennsylvania is kind of far away, but maybe some day you’ll be running the show at a closer venue.

    I have to say the vast majority of AA players I have encountered are good sports.  I have a hunch A&A is the type of game that if you have a bad temper or can’t handle the dice, you won’t play for long ;)


  • @CrazyStraw:

    I have a hunch A&A is the type of game that if you have a bad temper or can’t handle the dice, you won’t play for long ;)

    Or that type of thing gets burned out of you, which I think may be what happened in my case :-)

  • i love the game whether winning or “not winning”  :-)

    crappy dice are definitely part of the game.

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