Srategic to take Moscow in Axis and Allies Europe (1999)

  • Hello my name is Constanze and I come from Germany (please excuse my mistakes).
    I am writing my thesis on Axis and allies Europe from 1999 and I need the testimonies of some experienced players.
    What do you think the German should do to take Moscow?
    I don’t want detailed statements about what I should buy and when and how I should place it, but rather the basic way. Should one rather try to conquer Stalingrad via the Ukraine and the Caucasus and thus form a noose around Moscow? Or would you rather fixate on leningrad and try to land in the north via the sea and thus close the pincers?

    It would be really important that many people respond to this, because the more statements I have, the better I can support or even refute my thesis on the strategic approach to the conquest of Moscow.

    Kind regards


  • @Conni_Hu Because you asked for a non-specific answer:

    Overview: You need to make a beeline for Moscow ASAP, but also make sure to scoop up Leningrad along the way, as it is the main point the Western Allies will attempt to land in to reinforce the Soviets. Making any effort to attack southern Russia or North Africa (beyond just using the units you began the game with in those areas) is ill-advised, as capturing Moscow will effectively end the game due to the USSR no longer being able to collect income or field an army.

    Round 1: Attack East Poland and Baltic States with everything that can reach. More should go to Baltic States.
    Round 2: Attack Belorussia and Leningrad with everything that can reach. Most of your troops should go to Belorussia.
    Round 3: Attack Moscow with everything that can reach.

    What you do in other areas of the map is outside of the scope of your question, but you should be taking steps to slow down the USA/UK Navies.

    If this answer is too in-depth for you, I apologize. Please refer to just the “overview” for the shortest possible explanation.

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