Which is more importand unit of a fleet in A&A Europe?

  • What do you prefer?

  • I prefer the 3 subs becasue this i how i look at it

    What you have Chance to hit Total

    At first
    2 hit left on battleship 1 4/6 4/6
    2 destroyers 2 3/6 6/6
    3 subs 3 2/6 6/6

    1st hit
    1 hit left on battleship 1 4/6 4/6
    1 destroyer 1 3/6 3/6
    2 subs 2 2/6 4/6

    2nd hit
    No battleships 0 4/6 0/6
    No desroyers 0 3/6 0/6
    1 sub 1 2/6 2/6

    so it is very easy to tell what can stay in longer and probabily win in a battle. and they can last even long with their first attack ability.

  • I like Battleships

    But, your question really depends on circumstances.
    Like, what country your playing.
    Do you have other navy units in your port.
    Are you Russia?
    What your strategy is.

    I wouldn’t buy a battleship if I didn’t have some support with it.
    If I’m Germany, buying subs is probably the best bet.
    If I’m America, I’ll probably buy destroyers.

    Eventually I’ll buy battleships with every nation for sure, except Russia.

  • I agree with w_l and M_G_,
    w_l’s explanation fer chances is kinda quirky, but I think U get da point. Overall, M_G_ got it right. Germany kin hide dem SSs. The US needs DEs to fin dem SSs an den kin usem to blast du coastl dfinces 😛 .
    Whasit tuya? - Xi

  • Yup, if your playing the us or britain i would get the destroyers cause they can counter the subs first srtike and stil provide shore fire. B8t if your Germany…your spending 24ipcs on a fleet? same with russia, only its about…oh…thousands of times worse if you spend 24ipcs on a russian fleet. Although, i have a person who wins by taking England.

  • When I buy Navy with Germany I usually save all my money for one turn so I can put down a big Navy in one shot.

  • Well with Germany, I wold go with Subs.
    For USA/UK probably a destroyer or battleship.
    But really, this all depends on what’s on the board. If there’s a of air power on the other side, then chances are I won’t build subs. If I already have a small navy (say a convoy of transports), I would probably go with a BB. And if I know the other side is using subs, then I probably buy destroyers. It all depends on how you look at it.

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