Do you like the normal Axis&Allies or the EUROPE/PACIFIC

  • I bought the A&A:Europe, because I have always liked more the battles which took place in europe than pacific island battles…

    And I didn’t want the normal map, because it reduces the places where you can be and that way limits the game…

    But Euro version is very good and my gaming group have become very addicted to it. We play almost every week, maybe 2 games even.

    But what are your thoughts on the A&A versions?? Normal, Europe, Pacific?

    And on Europe version, what would your response be if the german made on it’s first turn 2-3 destroyers and 2 transports to danish strait. With the first 12IPC he would buy another transport so when his turn ends he would have 2-3 destroyers and 3 transports on the danish strait??

    Now couple things more that he would do on north atlantic battle. He would destroy the british fleets and the americans, the only ones that would survive would be canada (destroyer, trns) and maybe the celtic sea. Using all submarines and all planes he would destroy the british and american fleet…

    So what would the allies do on their first turn to respond to this? There is a small chance for operation sea lion (only small), but the greatest threat would be in the russians when this fleet will move to baltic sea. When it has parked there it will be hard going to get it destroyed and easier to break the soviets for the germans…

  • I like Europe better, but whatever floats your boat.

    Anytime Germany buys a transport with there 12ip, the allies usually place their bonus in Lennigrad, in the form of Inf.
    So, in response to your German first turn that’s what I would do and on the British, turn I’d make sure that their fighters landed in Lennigrad as well.
    Inf all round for britain and Russia. Destroyers for the US.
    Maybe drop a Birtish sub in the English Channel to prevent Germany warships from supporting any amphibious assault.

  • the pacific map looks way cooler

  • The Europe map should have more places in it, mostly on the russian side, so that defending and attacking would be more difficult and the russians wouldn’t fall for stacking their troops so easily and the germans wouldn’t take russian so fast…

    Ghoul: Okay now you reinforced the british defense, but sacrificed their planes to the soviets? Started the american fleet building…

    This would be interesting opportunity for the germans to think making 2 operation sea lions. First would be to drop the defense in brittain by making only infranty assault, and dropping shore bombardment and bringing some planes to the assault… this would maybe with some normal luck for the germans drop the british defense about 8 hits and sacrificing their whole infranty and with bad luck one or more planes…

    Building would have been 2 trns and 2 destroyer.
    Strat bombing in london.
    Naval movement. Would be taking convoys to divide the american fleet, if they want to save them or just hurry up to the british shores.

    Now this tactic would force either the soviets to not use their soviet patriotic rule because of fear of losing brittain, and make them think of aggressive movement. Turn 2 would end for the germans crippling the british some more, and making the allies to decide where to put their money + they might or might not have given the 8ipc from oil resources to the british at all…

    • Turn 3 would bring 5 trns to bring troops from germany to brittain.
    • 4-5 Destroyers to give shore bombardment + battleship/destroyer/trns depending if the germans moved it to gibraltar to destroy the destroyer there.
    • Planes would be 1 bomber (unless aa dropped it) 4-6 fighter theoretically.

    Counter moves?

    • The soviets starting their offensive. Maybe sacrifing their planes to try and drop the new german fleet in danish strait.
    • The british moving their fighters back and if they were wise even sacrificing their bomber to drop more naval units from the german fleet. They must buy time for the americans to protect their shores with fleets. Building inf only.
    • The americans having moved their planes already to brittain and moving their ships to british shores or moving one to release a convoy, but that would weaken their already small fleet.

    Turn 3.

    • German attack. One BB/destroyer/trns to the celtic sea if the germans stopped the americans from movíng there. 4-5 destroyers from english channel. So shore bombardment would be average.
    • 5 inf + 5 art + 1 armor from trns. 4-6 fighter (depending how many were lost) and one bomber (unless aa took it in strat bombing or the american fighter)

    Now this attack wouldn’t be even sure that it would succeed, but it would be effective and crippling the british land badly, the german should look if he can take or not, but not sacrifice his planes for nothing. He would still have 2 more rounds to try and take it.

    Now my point was that taking brittain would be easier for the germans than taking moscow in my opinion. It really should be watched on the first turn how your success in destroying the british fleet succeeded, if they didn’t. You should turn your eyes to moscow, even then you could win, because the opening move making destroyers and trns to danish sea has been proven to be effective…

  • Did anyone take into account the sub-stalling-tactic?
    Or is there a new version of rules out there, which doesn’t allow that anymore?

  • I mentioned on my firdt post that I would place a British sub in the English channel to prevent Germany from using off shore attacks, on round 2.

    Some gaming sites don’t allow sub stalling or the stacking of more than 10 units in a given territory, but I’ve never tried it.

  • Mr ghoul you can’t prevent it with only one sub? Which sea zone would you put it? english channel?, where? The germans would only move where your sub wouldn’t be… and if he had any subs left he would try to destroy it.

    The only real use would be putting it to celtic sea to prevent turn 2 bb/destroyer fleet from giving any support, but they would only come and destroy the sub, or not coming at all to celtic sea.

    Put that would prevent some support fire from coming.

  • I don’t have the board in front of me, I was assuming that if Germany had a big fleet coming from the balic sea that their was one adjacent sea zone, guess I’m wrong.

    Your right though, my point with the British sub is just to prevent surface ships from helping an attack on Britain itself.

  • ive played Europe about 10 times, World about 5 and Pacific once. I like them all but i think i like World the most.

  • I think it depends on how experienced you are in the A&a world and what kind of a challenge you like. Europe playing as the Allies is a great challenge.

  • I like world

  • I think it depends on how experienced you are in the A&a world and what kind of a challenge you like. Europe playing as the Allies is a great challenge.

    ya ive played as the allies about 5 times against another experienced player and only won once.

  • Won only once??

    Hmm…strange, in our games mostly the allies win. But mostly it really depends who is playing the germans.

    The game really is well balanced in my opinion. But the challenge in playing with germans is that you have the most widest battle front. The sea warfare and the soviet union side. So you can easily mix up what you had to do and because of that helping the allies…

    All three allied players really have simple plans and some difficult. Mostly trying to help the soviets against german and disrupting his plans…

    Love the game, can’t say nothing else. If they made a new world version with lot’s of places in it, it would be interesting. Adding example both Europe and Pacific.

    How many of you use paratroopers??

    Our rules in them are simple. One bomber can take one infranty, if they started the turn on the same place. It can drop the infranty anywhere where the bomber can reach, but the bomber has no attack value and must stay one battle round in the place, before it can retreat. The inf who is dropped attacks on 2 in the first round and after that 1.

    So dropping a paratrooper where there are 2 defending inf, there is a possibility that they can take the one bomber with them. AA gun fires normally the bomber…

    This rule makes the playing the germans more difficult. And helps the allies to distract the german player. In our opinion it really balances the game more and brings new tactics. The german player can’t leave lands behind unoccupied so easily unless he wants to lose them and losing troops to take them back…

  • Hey, how would do this situation. Just came up in my mind.

    If example, the germans attacked a american fleet with aircraft carrier and two fighters + 1 destroyer with 3 subs. The germans inflicted three hits. Because subs can’t make hits to fighters the defending player must lose destroyer and aircraft carrier, and the americans made 2 hits dropping 2 subs, leaving 1 alive. What would happen then to the planes, they couldn’t spot the sub, because there were no destroyers left and the sub could do nothing to the planes. And there would be no place for the fighters to land? Or can they move when it’s the germans turn? Would they be made casualties straight away, because they couldn’t land anywhere in the end of turn? How would this situation be handled?

  • I do believe that planes that have a carrier shot out from under them get one movement point for immediate use (during Germanies non-combat move in this case).

  • @GeZe:

    I like world

    Unfortunately I’ve only played World, but I hope to play the others soon.

  • me too

  • Europe for begenners seems very hard to play as the allies, but after a whiel it becomes equal.

  • Drumstix you are right. The main point that people must do is play the rules right. In our very first game, we didn’t notice the rule that fighters can’t land in places which had been conquered on that turn. So we thought that they could land always to land which you owned, that way german attack was almost impossible to stop, with 6+ fighters always aiding in the defense of the main german attack…

  • @Anonymous:

    Mr ghoul you can’t prevent it with only one sub? Which sea zone would you put it? english channel?, where? The germans would only move where your sub wouldn’t be… and if he had any subs left he would try to destroy it.

    Well, as far as i see it, you (as UK) need a surviving sub, go for the german fleet, and immediatley submerge without fighting. Then the germans can’t load troops or move their fleet during NC-movement, which saves you a turn… he has to load in C-movement, move to his landing spot, and keep his troops on board for one round… making them more vulnerable (with less cannon fodder).

  • I like AAP better. Theres nothing like epic sea battles, and I think the Air bases and Sea bases were a great idea.

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