• Does America collect its NO money right when it enters the war at the end of turn 3 or does it start collecting on US 4?

    The ambiguity of how powers go to war and declare war makes it seem as if they would enter the war “after” collecting income then triggering the NOs for collection on US4.

  • @rulebook_reviewer

    yea they get the dough right away. I don’t have a rulebook quote handy but that’s how triplea does it and they’re mostly rule compliant. It would be something they could fix if it was wrong anyway, so thinking it’s right : )

  • Well TripleA allows US to declare war if Japan parks itself in SZ20 which is right next to SZ35 which contains the Phillipines. By virtue of the rulebook US cannot declare war unless Japan is parked within 2 sea zones adjacent to the “mainland” US i.e. WUS or Alaska. So to my hearts content I believe the US enters the war after collect income of US3 and then collects on US4.

    I like it this way because it grants one more turn before a storm of literal money floats its way across the Atlantic to a full blown KGF which is a guaranteed game winner all the time in which the soft underbelly of Italy is cleaned up pretty quickly and then Germany has to divert hella resources to protecting/reviving Italy which in turn allows Russia to build even more and finally for UK to step into the fold.

    So my point is that I think the game is broken if the US collects 77 IPCs on US3 and therefore should be deferred to US4 where in the meantime on J4 they can prevent 7 IPCs heading to US by taking the Phillipines (+2) and preventing the NO (+5) which is really harmless imo as it downgrades the American Atlantic storm from a Category 5 to a Category 4.999999999999999 (not even a dent).

    What are your opinions all on US NO collection on US4?

  • Well I actually found the answer to my question in the rulebook. I must have misread it in my flipping back and forth of reading rules.

    “However, if it’s not yet at war by the Collect Income phase of its third turn, the United States may declare war on any or all Axis powers at the beginning of that phase.”

    Therefore the US NOs would be collected on US3.

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