• 2007 AAR League

    Following happen  (se Sankt vs Nix game for specifics):

    I have the german navy in SZ3, 1 trn, 1 dd, 2 ss.  Sankt hits it with a BB,trn AF, does 2 hits, i choose to kill trn, DD.

    Now, i submerge my Subs, can he be still retreat to SZ2 or must he stay in SZ3?  (rules seems to be unclear)

    Im don´t want to be a dick about it, but i think the same thing can happen again (in other games), since it was a bait……

  • From the LHTR PDF, version 1.2:

    Step 7: Press Attack or Retreat
    Combat continues unless one of the following conditions occurs (in this order of sequence):
    a) Attacker retreats all attacking units;
    b) Defender retreats all subs by submerging, leaving no other defending units in play;
    c) Attacker loses all units;
    d) Defender loses all units; or
    e) Both sides lose all units.

    So it seems he get to choose to retreat first, but if he stays, you can choose to submerge.

    Note: IMO items c-e should be listed before items a and b, and could be combined into a single item: “One or both sides lose all units.”

  • 2007 AAR League

    Then i know, thanx.

  • @Nix:

    Now, i submerge my Subs, can he be still retreat to SZ2 or must he stay in SZ3?   (rules seems to be unclear)

    Based on what what was posted above, he can not retreat in response to your subs submerging.  Basically, he would need to decide if he wants to press the attack vs the two remaining subs.  If he does, then you get to decide if you want to submerge or not.  If you do submerge, he can not retreat, since he already decided not to.  But looking at the game log, Sankt WANTED to only strafe you, so he should be able to retreat after round one of combat.  And it looks like that’s exactly how you ended up playing it.

  • Yes, that’s how we ended up doing it. But in retrospect I should have pressed the attack giving Nix a shot at my fleet. It would have cost me all of UK’s navy, but on the other hand it would mean the end of the majority of the luftwaffe. Facing a constant threat of 6 figs + 4 bombers has seriously put the brakes on the D-day landing forces. The US is now in round 4 pretty much a non-entity in the game. As is Japan, though, but for other reasons.

    The G1 purchase of 3 bombers has fared far better than I would have thought. Providing about the same defense/intimidation as an AC purchase, but allowing a greater range into the atlantic and superb flexibility on the eastern front as well. It has forced US/UK into a MASSIVE naval arms race and Russia to worry about even small amounts of troops near her front lines. A 2 inf, 4 arm stack backed by 10 planes is a force to be reckoned with.

    But hey, I’ll win regardless.  :wink:

  • 2007 AAR League

    I should have gone heavy against Russia from the start with Japan, not go mess around n Canada to put even more brakes on US…

    But im on the way… and Russia can´t take India if you want to keep Cauccasus…

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