• This is my first custom map, and I know it’s not the best. The seazone numbers are the same as G40, and the map is designed for the years 1936-1944
    For gameplay on the map, here’s some features I added:
    I removed the infantry and production from the neutral Latin America countries, as I didn’t find it necessary.
    I plan on working on a diplomacy system in the game, plus historical events, such as anschluss.
    When playing a 1936 game, the only ongoing war is the Second Italo-Ethiopian war. Ethiopia can be managed by an allied country. Also, the Rhineland is demilitarized. There’s also a occupation system (similar to that of hoi4) where if you decide to have gently occupy territories, you get 1 less production from the territories, but there’s a lower chance of rebels. You can normally occupy territories, in which there’s no downside or upside. If you decide to harshly occupy a territory, you get 1 extra production from the territory, but there’s a higher chance of rebels.
    I plan on making a better map, but I don’t have the money for photoshop. (I used paint.net to make this.)
    I will post updates as I work on it.

    axis and allies global.png

  • You can use Gimp as a great free software to make your maps

  • 2020 '19 '18 Customizer

    Nice work @ari236

    @Playing-Kid said in My First Custom Map:

    You can use Gimp as a great free software to make your maps

    And I agree with Gimp. That’s the tool I used for working on my map files.

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