Axis and Allies COnvention and Tournament for Global 40

  • Hi All
    We are running an Axis and Allies 1 day convention from 9am to 11pm. All versions are welcome but the main game will be Global 40 2nd edition bid for allies. People will play in teams and a team of 2 to 4 can play 2 games simultaneously. We will keep records and play about 3 times a year. Call it the Battle for Long Island. It is at:
    Grace Episcopal Church
    14-15 Clintonville St.
    Whitestone NY 11357
        We are expecting about 25 to 30 guys. Beginners to very experienced. We have the 1, 2 3 player from the WBC 2 years ago.
                    Hope to see you any questions. Last year the Anniversary game and WW 1 were also played but Global 40 is the big one
                              Happy New Year

  • HI All
        The Battle of Long Island Axis and Allies convention was held in Whitestone on Jan. 28th 2017. We had 26 people participate from NY, CT, and PA. In total we had 5 full Global Campaign games completed, 1 Anniversary game and 2 games of 2nd edition. Everyone who attended is interested in doing it again and we will add a Flea market and raffle next time. There were many very experienced Axis and Allies players and tournament winners present as well as novice players. Light snacks including soda, chips, doughnuts, cheese and fresh bread lasted pretty much all day. We ordered Pizza but others got food on their own. Cost was minimal with a  5 or 10 dollar entry depending on travel to support the Church. We may do it again late April early May for those interested let me know. We can turn this into a point system but it was fun to see all these hard core Axis and Allies guys in one spot.
                              Take Care and Thank all those that came…or wanted to come

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Any chance you’ll have one in April?

  • YES… We are going to have 1 in April. Maybe the third week. I need to clear it with the Church… . In the summer we have no Air conditioning so it will be mid April to early May time frame. If you like bring a friend and play as a team but we had no trouble putting people into games. You can also write me directly through this site. I am not sure how this works but 1 guy who came to the last even did so. What version do you like and what is your game experience. As I said we had very new players and very experienced ones.

  • 2020 2018 2017

    This is awesome, summon the faithful

  • HI for those who wrote I just want you to know we are running another convention on April 29th. The same place and times.  I will be reposting it as a new event when I get some time. Please contact with if you have any questions. The Private message worked great last time and I will see if I can figure it out.  After this it will be awhile longer as the Church has no AC so the summer is out for us. Hope to See you April 29th
        Take Care

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