• Hello, I have some questions that might have been asked before (so sorry if that’s the case):

    1. When the Russian revolution happens and Russia still has control over a territory that used to be neutral (e.g Sweden).
      Does this territory become independent/neutral again?

    2. same situation but with Romania or Serbia.

    3. do submarines get a surprise strike in this game?

    4. Can submarines only submerge after one round of combat? So e.g if one cruiser attacks one submarine, can it still destroy the submarine if it gets a hit in the first round of combat or can the owner of the submarine choose to submerge from the start so there is no combat at all?

    5. can airplanes participate in naval battles?

  • Official Q&A

    1. If there are units belonging to other Allied powers in the territory, control is established using the rules for moving all units on one side out of a contested territory (see “Land Units”, page  15 of the rulebook); otherwise the territory will be uncontrolled until another power moves into it and will not mobilize units when entered.

    2. As above, and they are treated as minor neutral powers for the remainder of the game.

    3. No.

    4. Subs may submerge instead of firing in any round of combat.  However, they are still subject to enemy fire while attempting to submerge.  In your example, the sub may attempt to escape by submerging instead of firing in round one, but the cruiser will still get one shot at it.

    5. Only as cargo on transports.

  • Thank you!  😄

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