• Hi to all

    I understood that I can move American naval unit since from first turn.

    1 - What happen if I arrive in a contested SeaZone? If the enimies attack my allies, I have to defend?

    2 - What happen if I arrive in a minefiled? the opponent have to roll dice?


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    Welcome, TheDude!

    1 - It depends on the attacking player.  From the FAQ:

    Q. What happens if the United States is still neutral and it has sea units in a sea zone with units belonging to another Allied power when I attack them?
    A. You may choose to ignore all of the United States units while conducting the battle, or you may choose to include all of them in the battle and bring the United States into the war.

    2 - No.  Mines only affect enemy sea units.  While the US is neutral, it is neither friend nor enemy to any power.

  • thanks 🙂

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