• Hello All

    2 questions:
    1. Does anyone know where you can get spare hit counters from as the volume you get in the starter pack isn’t suficient even for a 100 point army battle.

    2. Can we use this site to post units we may want to swap, sell etc? I have only just started on this series since Xmas and only have a starter pack, a booster pack and several individual units from Ebay. However, you have to keep wiaitng for that one unit you want from Ebay and inevitably half the enthusiasts out there seem to be bidding on it too!!


  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Try the eBay stores for pieces. Sometimes if you contact the seller they might even drop the price of units for you if you buy a bunch of stuff from them.

    I’ve been thinking about starting a “trading” forum here but I’m not sure if there are enough people to make it feasible.

    As for the counters, your best bet is another starter.

  • If you go to Boardgamegeek.com they have hit counters you can print up. Here’s a link to them:


    I actually bought another starter set for extra maps, counters and cards, with the minis within a second priority at the time. Ahhh, expendable Xmass cash.  8-) It’s nice having spare counters, especially if you start pulling 200 pt. battles and stuff. This URL should help.


  • Guys

    Thanks for the replies. Useful URL which i will use.
    Must go now, more units to check out on Ebay.
    This miniatures is soooooo addictive……

  • 2007 AAR League

    Im up for a trading forum…

  • I am too.

    On the KenzerCo.com forums there’s an experiment to have a trading part of the forum called “Hackbay” (you’d have to read “Knights of the Dinner Table” to get that name), and it works well. People said it’d fail and that people would screw each other, but the fan enthusiasm and sense of community weeded out the bad seeds and we now have a viable gaming trade zone.

    Just my two pence.


  • 2007 AAR League

    Well, trade with Members that you see are reliable. Date joined, amount of posts so on and so forth. I would be willing to trade with handpicked members if the moderator allows trading in his forums.

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