• I own the first edition and I see that this edition exists. What are the main differences that I need to know? Can I walk in with my first edition strategies and fare well in this game? How are the strategies different and how is the setup different?

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    The main difference is the completely redesigned map, making this a worthy upgrade IMHO.  he new map change is going to give you a whole new challenge - even though the rules are similar the two versions are played very differently.  You will feel like 2 different games : -)

    Other difference include cost difference, some rules change (like AAA guns) and the beginning setup.

  • Labeling these games as 1942 first edition and second edition is very misleading and has caused tremendous confusion.  They are very different games and other than the basic idea of axis kills russia; allies save russia; they have little in common strategy wise.  42.1 is a straight reprint of the A&A Revised edition printed in 2004 and belongs to the second generation of A&A games.  42.2 is part of the current 3rd generation of A&A games and is far far superior to 42.1.

    You definitely want to upgrade to '42 second edition.  Keep your 42.1 for spare parts.

  • Differences (from memory):

    Second Edition adds/changes:

    -Two hit battleships
    -AAA (now a combat unit and nation specific)
    -Strategic bomb damage works differently
    -New costs for most units
    -New rules for subs and destroyers
    -Completely revised map: Lots more territories and sea zones; income levels and starting unit counts are very different (favors axis); the Atlantic ocean now takes two turns to cross for East USA to England; fighters have to land in Iceland or carrier otherwise don’t have enough range; China and the Pacific Ocean are much revised, et al

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