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  • Recently I’ve read in tripleA that an AAA-gun should not be allowed to activate a friendly neutral because it has no combat value, but I can’t find this anywhere in the rules.
    I often like to activate Brazil with a US AAA-gun, so what is the ruling about this?

    Apart from not finding it in the rules, I wonder why (if!) a unit should have a combat value to activate a friendly neutral. The unit is not there to fight, after all! Not even to persuade the neutral at ‘gunpoint’ ;-).

  • '14 Customizer

    Page 28 of the OOB Europe rule book

    Infantry, artillery, mechanized infantry, tanks, and AAA
    (antiaircraft artillery) can attack and defend only in
    territories. Only infantry, artillery, mechanized infantry,
    and tanks can capture hostile territories or convert
    friendly neutrals.
    All can be carried by transports.

  • Thanks!
    I only looked in the sections of AAA-guns and Neutrals, obviously  :roll:.

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