• I just need a few clarifications for our game scenarios and want to make sure we are playing correctly.

    1. When Major IC’s are captured - i.e. France and Calcutta - do they stay Majors for the victor or do they convert to minors
    2. Can 1 single destroyer actually nullify the first strike capability of say like 8 subs travelling together
    3. If you purchase a unit and then choose not to place it that turn can you save it for a future round or do you just lose it or refund the money or what

    4. Obviously France goes down and they lose their capital and they will lose their other territories as well, but as their Allies take those territories back do they(US, UK, USSR, etc) collect the income or do they just liberate them and you adjust France’s IPC level back up even though they can’t actually collect it without their capital being liberated as well.

    5. I know if Japan attacks any Russians along the Mongolian border those armies pop up to help Russia, but what happens if Russia attacks first along that same border?  Do they pop up and help Japan?    And secondarily, can you explain what the rule book means when describing what happens when Russia attacks Korea and its effect on that Mongolian rule?

    6. Subs have to stop when going through a SZ with a destroyer immediately, but do Destroyers have to stop immediately when passing through a SZ with a sub or can it pass through with a Navy to attack a further SZ?

    Thanks in advance

  • 1. They change to minors immediately.  If they have more than 6 damage, that also drops since a minor IC max damage is 6.
    2. Yes, even a single destroyer nullifies any number of subs.  It helps if you don’t think of the single unit on the board as only one actual ship in the water, but representing a group.
    3. If you buy a unit and don’t place it, its gone, lost. (edit: incorrect, an exception noted below)
    4. If Allies take French territories, they can collect the income, but ONLY if the Axis took it AND as long as France doesn’t have its capital.  So… France has no capital, Italy takes Morrocco… if the U.S. takes Morrocco from Italy, the U.S. gets the income.  But, if its still a French territory, no, the Allies can’t get the income.  Also, IF France were to get its capital back, all the original French terrirories (and income) revert back to France.
    5. Mongolia will never help Japan unless Russia actually invades Mongolia.  If Russia breaks the Mongolia pact (which also includes Korea), they’ll never help Russia.
    6.  Subs are never blockers.  This means the player with the destroyer gets to decide whether they’re attacking or simply ignoring the sub.

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    3. Is not quite right, I am afraid .
    You have to place a unit you bought. If you cannot, then you will be refunded its cost.

  • @wittmann:

    3. Is not quite right, I am afraid .
    You have to place a unit you bought. If you cannot, then you will be refunded its cost.

    Good catch.  Yeah, I forgot about that note… but only if you can’t place, rather than simply changing your mind, correct?

    Rule: In the event you purchased more units than you can actually mobilize due to production limitations, you must return the over-produced units to the box (your choice on which units), and the cost of the units is reimbursed to you.

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    That is right. But if you are playing face to face , it should not happen. Your opponents should be watching you. We always add up for each other., to be sure.

  • Ok, good we have been playing all the rules correctly … one last one

    we know you can place 2 planes on the carriers - 1 Ftr, 1 Tac or 2 Ftrs…can you place 2 Tacs on one carrier?

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    Yes, sure.  Its just usually not a good idea (since tacs are poor defenders and are usually being lost without replacement, they need another source of fighters to shine).

    Little more clarification on #4–when you liberate a capital (lets use Paris), all of the territory that the allies recaptured from the Axis immediately become French again, blowing off the other Allied markers and all going “blue” except for land that the Axis was holding.  So if we say that the Axis owned Southern France and Syria upon liberation, France’s new income at the end of that turn would be 15, but there would be no building or placement of units until the next round (if they live that long).

    As you probably read, the Allies can only “liberate” other Allied land if it has been taken by the Axis first.  The only exception to this is the Dutch territory, and if you read the rules carefully, only ANZAC and UK can activate these, USA cannot.  However, in another twist, all Allied planes can land on these whether they are activated or not.

    In practice what this means is that taking Moscow or Paris back just tosses a ton of money back into Axis hands, while taking away the income from USA and UK (primarily) that they fought so hard to liberate.  This creates a problem, because the Allies will actively avoid liberating capitals and handing so much cash to the Axis since in most cases, the Axis can easily recapture the key capital zones and control of it would just trade back and forth.

    As a result, one sort of universally accepted house rule is to destroy the money rather than give it to the capturing player, after the first capture.

    The Allies rarely benefit from capturing a capital, because the Italy economy is usually decimated before the Allies invade, and if you were able to capture Berlin or Tokyo, that’s usually endgame for the Axis if they don’t want to fight on.

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