Confused about the IPC collection rules for A&A 1914 and in general

  • Hello all, Since my group and I have played Axis and Allies, we’ve always play the gathering of IPC’s such as this:

    Soviet Union ends it’s turn with 28 IPC’s. Germany then takes the caucasus which is worth 4 Ipc’s. at the end of Germany’s turn they then add the 4 IPC’s from the Caucasus to their economy however the Soviet Union still maintains their 28 IPC’s including the 4 from the Caucasus that they received when they still controlled it at the end of their last turn. we always thought of it as, the Soviets collected the resources of the territory and still had them even though the Germans now control the Caucasus.

    However Now I am unsure if this is the correct way to play after playing a game of 1914.

    The rules state that when a territory is contested the original controlling power immediatly removes the IPC’s from their economy. so then instead of having 48 IPC’s to begin their turn with, they would then instead start their next turn with only say 45 IPC’s. Does the same apply for if a territory is taken? does the original controlling power lose those IPC’s form their economy and the new controlling power now add those to theirs?

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    You’ve been playing it correctly.  It’s important to make the distinction between a power’s income level and its IPC treasury.  The income level is the total IPC values of the territories it controls.  This fluctuates as territories are gained and lost, but the only time it really matters is during the power’s Collect Income phase.  In contrast, the IPC treasury is the number of IPCs the power has “in the bank”.  These are collected during the Collect Income phase (based on the income level) and spent during the purchase phase.  Barring the capture of the power’s capital, these are the only two times the number of IPCs in a power’s treasury can change.

    This hasn’t changed much in 1914.  The only difference in 1914 is that a power’s income level (not the IPCs in its treasury) is reduced immediately once a territory it controls becomes contested and is no longer under its (or anyone’s) control.  Territories are controlled by no one when they are contested, so the act of simply moving into an enemy-controlled territory and contesting it reduces the formerly controlling power’s income level immediately, as opposed to waiting for the outcome of the battle as in other A&A games.

  • I am confused lol, i bought the game and played with 4 other guys. I thought that if lets say Smyrna is contested first round by France or England, Ottoman loses the points so it starts with 13 instead of 16. But that is not the case? So Ottoman can spend 16 because it has it already in the bank? But after collecting IPC in final round then it reduces it if territory is still contested?

  • Yes.

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