• Hey all,

    I have 2 quick questions regarding rules:

    1. If a minor ally is activated does the controlling power gain resources from a colony?

    (Ex. France activates Portugal! does it then adjust it’s income +4 for Portuguese east Africa and Angola? or only +2 for Portugal?)

    2. If a power invades a neutral country and the territory is left “contested” and the next turn an opposing power enters the contested territory to attack the invading power can they combine their forces with the remaining neutral forces for the attack if they used their pieces to represent the remaining neutral army?

    (Ex. Russia invades Persia and fails to take it leaving 1 Russian infantry, 3 Russian artillery, 1 Persian artillery and 1 Persian infantry (both represented by Ottoman pieces) remain in Persia. On the next Ottoman turn, if the Ottoman empire invades with 2 infantry and an artillery does it add the Persian artillery and infantry into the attack?


  • Good Questions! Might need to move them to the FAQ list though.


  • Official Q&A

    1.  No.  Colonies are separate territories.

    2.  Yes.  Forces mobilized in minor neutral capitals are controlled by the power whose pieces are used.

  • Thanks!
    You may move my post!

  • Customizer

    Once a neutral has been mobilized, there is no distinction between forces; there is no such thing as “Persian” infantry.

  • And if German forces take Angola, does that mean Portugal becomes a French activated ally? And do I have to fight an inf and an art there?

  • '13

    Im pretty sure this doesnt activate portugul but i may be wrong. However, colonies will NEVER mobilise troops.

  • No, attacking a colony has no effect on the parent country.  For example, Spanish Morocco is a free pick up for France without any consequences.

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