Where to buy Axis and allies 1914 for a Canadian?

  • I have a hard time finding a place to order Axis and Allies 1914 online without paying an insane $ for shipping. CSI has it, but charges 41$ on shipping (granted, they give you a 30$ discount on retail price, but still…).

    Any Canadians found the game?

  • Depending on where you live. If you are in a big city like Montreal or Toronto, you can look for small board game shops that don’t necessarily have a website or sell from the Internet.

    If you live in a more remote area, well you have Amazon. So unless you can find in a store, be prepared to pay at least 110$. (which is IMO overpriced)

    PS: If I finally get convinced that this game is worth buying, I will buy it when I go to the US. Where it can be bought for 65$ (and IMO again, even at 65$ I think this is overpriced when you can buy AA1942 2nd ed for 42$)

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    There’s a similar discussion going on over here:


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