Movement Rules

  • Was anyone able to make sense out the tangled mess of words regarding movement restrictions?

    My roommate and I think it works something that all land units and fighters must either be mobilized with, moved with, end movement with, or any other movement with, at least one infantry unit in the territory. Is that correct? We really weren’t able to tell but feel like that was the jist of it.

    Also, dose this mean that you have to leave atleast one infantry in each territory, like risk style or not? And can a player pull units out of a contested territory or do they have to leave atleast one infantry behind?

  • It means a territory with units has to have at least 1 infantry.

    You can move a tank from a territory with an infantry to a different territory with units.

    A territory may contain no units, so it isn’t like risk.
    But if you have any units, one has to be an inf

  • Customizer

    You can evacuate a contested tt, but not use such a move to attack. The tt you move to must contain one of your own units (allies do not count).

    It says that in mobilize units, if you have a tt with other land units but no infantry, you must demote one unit to an infantry to fulfill the “minimum 1 inf” criteria.

    It is sensible to enforce this after movement as well if you spot the enemy has made such an error.

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