R&D Charts for Research Centers

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    1. Advanced Artillery
    Each artillery unit can now support two infantry per attack. Two infantry units with one artillery unit each have an attack value of 2.

    2. Mobilized Infantry
    Each infantry unit that is paired with a tank can now move 2 spaces.

    3. Mobilized Artillery
    Each artillery unit that is paired with a tank, or a mech infantry can now move 2 spaces.

    4. Manufacturing & Training
    You now receive 1 infantry unit, and 1 artillery unit free during each “purchase new units” phase.

    5. Tank Development
    Tanks now attack and defend @4.

    6. Leadership
    Choose 1 original territory, all infantry units now defend @3 when defending that territory.


    1. Paratroopers
    Each of your bombers can act as a transport for up to one infantry which can be “dropped” into any hostile territory within a range of 5 spaces (air base, and long range aircraft range bonuses do not apply to bombers acting as transports). The bomber may still attack during the Conduct Combat phase, but only on the territory where the infantry unit is being dropped, bombers may not conduct a SBR during turns in which they are transporting infantry. The infantry unit may retreat normally to any friendly adjacent space during combat.

    2. Jet Fighters
    Your fighters now attack @4 and defend @5.

    3. Long-Range Aircraft
    Your fighters are now long-range fighters, and your bombers are now long-range bombers. Your fighters range increases from 4 to 6. Your bombers range increases from 6 to 8.

    4. Detection Radar
    Your air bases may now scramble up to 5 eligible air units.

    5. Air Superiority
    Your escorts and interceptors now attack and defend @2.

    6. Heavy Bombers
    Your bombers are now heavy bombers. You roll two dice for each bomber when you attack or make a strategic bombing raid. On defense, your bombers still roll only a single die.


    1. Super Submarines
    Your submarines is now attack @3 and defend @2.

    2. Heavy Guns
    Your battleships now have heavy guns. You roll two dice for each battleship when you attack. On defense, your battleships still roll only a single die.

    3. High Capacity Carriers
    Your aircraft carriers now carry a maximum of 3 eligible air units each

    4. ASDIC
    Your destroyers now attack and defend @3 every combat round in which an enemy submarine is present.

    5. High Capacity Transports
    Your transports may now carry 2 infantry plus 1 of any other land unit.

    6. Improved Shipyards.
    Your sea units are now cheaper to build. Use these revised costs:

    Battleship $17
    Aircraft Carrier $11
    Cruiser $10
    Destroyer $7
    Transport $6
    Submarine $5


    1. Espionage
    Your operational research centers now roll 2 research dice each.

    2. Rockets
    Your antiaircraft guns are now rocket launchers. In addition to its normal combat function, during the strategic bombing raid step of your Conduct Combat phase each turn, each of your antiaircraft guns can make a single rocket attack against an enemy industrial complex within 3 spaces of it. This attack does 1d6 damage to that complex.

    3. War Bonds
    During your Collect Income phase, roll 1d6 and collect that many additional IPCs.

    4. Targeting Radar
    Your antiaircraft guns now defend @2 or less instead of just a 1. Radar technology also allows the built in antiaircraft guns on facilities to hit @2 or less during strategic bombing raids.

    5. Annexation
    You may attack 1 strict neutral territory without provoking the others.

    6. Nuclear Warfare
    You may use 1 bomber, to drop 1 bomb, on 1 territory, the IPC value of that territory becomes 0. Bombers carrying an A-Bomb are vulnerable to AA guns on the target territory, but not interceptors or built in facility AA guns. You may attempt to drop an A-Bomb as many times as you like until you are successful.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Interesting collection…

    Choosing that all inf in my capital can defend at 3, is a bit extreme though.  How could anyone beat a Russia with that? LOL…

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    Interesting collection…

    Choosing that all inf in my capital can defend at 3, is a bit extreme though.   How could anyone beat a Russia with that? LOL…

    True, I thought about that, but was stuck for a 6th Army tech. Any ideas?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Pick any of these…

    Close Coordination Tactics
    Infantry now + 1 attack when paired with tanks or artillery,

    -Child Conscription-
    Place 1 infantry in the placement phase, at every major factory you have on the board each turn.

    Overnight Airbases
    Aircraft can land in newly conquered territory, provided friendly infantry are in the territory.

    Elastic defense tactics
    For every 3 units you have in a territory on defense, you reserve the right to retreat 1 unit.

    • Attacker plans their combat move.
    • Attacker selects a battle in which the defender has 3 or more units.
    • The defender may -choose- to retreat 1 unit for every 3 he has.
    • Battle continues as normal, dice are rolled, casualties are selected,
    • ROUND 2 begins, attacker chooses to attack/retreat, defender chooses to defend/retreat, then dice for round 2 are rolled… etc.
  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Advanced Anti-Tank tactics

    • For every 3 infantry you have in a territory, roll 1 preemptive dice @ 1 against 1 attacking tank or mech, before the battle begins.

  • @Young:

    5. Annexation
    You may attack 1 strict neutral territory without provoking the others.

    Now THAT’s a game changer!

    For a 6th army tech, why not just use the new mech inf one from alpha 3:
    Improved Mechanized Infantry:
    Each of your mechanized infantry units that are paired up with a tank or artillery now has an attack value of 2. Also, your mechanized infantry may now blitz without being paired with a tank.

    Somebody should write up a 5th category of WAR CRIMES technologies (child conscripts, slave labour, mass exterminations, medical experimentation, biological warfare, etc.)

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    LOL Vance…

    who should that -somebody- be? 😛  And the war-crimes tree, has to come with the morality point scale…

  • yep something like that

  • Sponsor

    You guys are gonna get my thread removed with that kind of talk. Remember what happened to the concentration camp house rule thread…. ZAP!

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