• I have something new in mind. A game with OOB.1-tt-movement. A Major power is only allowed to attack once in a turn.

    First Three powers have mandatory attacks: Austria -> Serbia. Russia -> GE. GE-> Belgium.

    A power collapses if 3 of its Home-tts were captured by the enemy. (Russia 4 tts) (or if the capital is lost) Game is over if two CPs or three Allies are finished.

    OE, Italy and other minor powers enter war as they did historical. It is not allowed to attack them before their entry.

    Neutrals are impassable.

    Capturing tts doesnt pimp your income. Minor powers if not captured generate their own units (they can spend their own IPCs every turn they survive)

    Not sure about the initial Setup-armys:


    Belgium 6/2
    Portugal 1 (it will after entering war consequently produce one Inf per turn surely without getting captured)
    Bulgaria 8/2
    Romainia 7/2
    Serbia 6/2
    Montenegro 3/1
    Arabia 2
    Greece 3/1

    India can build max. 16 IPcs per turn.

    Rest you can see on the map.

    USW means a 12-sided dice if one Sub manages to be in a zone when US/GB collect income.

    US-initial Setup has 6 more Inf.

    6 more Infs for Russia.
    Austria gives 3 Infs and 2 Art to GE.

    GB gets one more transport in India.


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