• @Flashman:

    But so many storylines to cram into 10 episodes; most characters will get about 3 scenes in the entire 5th season.

    And nobody dies.

    Apart from –-e—.

    A sad loss I don’t think.

    There simply isn’t a way to do the next season the way the books are, it’ll have to be combined.  I think it’ll be more exciting that way.


    Last book not even started on yet.

    At his rate of scribing there’s no way it’ll be finished before the relevant TV season is made.

    Martin will have to supply the producers with a skeleton version of the novel for the final TV shows - aired before the book is published:


    He knows how he wants it to end - I think the path to get there is the hard part.  He’ll finish.

  • '19 '18

    Anyone else super, super disappointed by the final episode of season 4?

    From “disappointed” to “omg, how could they ruin it so hard”, this order:

    1.) Skeletons instead of wights?
    2.) Letting Jojen die. What if he still has a role to play in the times to come?
    3.) Tysha. She was almost the whole motivation behind Tyrions decision to go to Tywin. There’s also a huge difference between leaving Jaime in a fight or not. It means a lot for Jaimes path to redemption.
    4.) Leaving out Coldhands. Such a mysterious and interesting figure!

    and of course the worst thing:

    1. Brynden Rivers, aka the Three-Eyed-Crow. WTF? He looks like grandpa just accidentally sitting in a chair made of roots. He should look more like being part of the tree. Almost consisting of roots and branches and so on. And he has TWO EYES?!?!?! He even mentions “Watching with a 1000 eyes and one” in the series… oh my god, seriously. I hope they fix this next season.

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