• Who’s interested in getting an online A&A game going for this weekend (or next)?

    If we do get one of these going then I suggest that we use “Gamevoice” or “Battlecom” (both progs are free, but I like Battlecom better).

    For those of you who don’t know, Battlecom is a small program that allows you to use a microphone-headset to communicate with online team mates in real time. All you need is a headset and a full-duplex soundcard (most of today’s soundcards are full-duplex).

    I have Battlecom zipped and can ICQ it or email it to whoever whants it. 😄

  • I am definitely interested in playing a game online this weekend. However, I got a Macintosh so i supposed I won’t be able to use the application you are referring to.
    I can use ICQ.

  • '19 Moderator

    I’d like to get that battlecom from you. I already have a five player face to face scheduled for this weekend so I’m afraid I’m out for the online thing.


  • I’m in, but I dont have a battlecom. Wanna play on the zone if you have the computer game?

  • Yanny:
    Sure bro, we can get a game going on the Zone. Do you have a headset (earphones with a mic attached)? If so, then we can get you set up with battlecom. Its much easier than typing messages.

    I just sent you Battlecom, It’s 2 megs…I hope your email can handel it 😄
    Let me know when/if you get it, K?

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