• Hey, I am a new member and I just started playing recently, I recieved AAE and AAP for christmas, I was wondering if there is a way to combine the boards to make a huge game. I friend of mine who has played for awhile said there was a house rule for it but he doesnt have it and I cant find it. If there was that would be swwweeeet. Other than that, i like reading the posts here, it keeps me entertained at work and sadly has made me better than all my friends. But oh well, if those rules dont exist are they being done or what, I want a huge game. Sorry for the long post.

  • i dont think you can combined the 2 games. In my opinion, The A&AP game is on a smaller
    scale than A&AE, i mean JApan starts the game
    with 16 fighters!, compared to Germanys 6. I dont think that,in 1941, the Japanense had a larger air force then Germany or Britian. I think Germany had over 3000 aircraft. So, you compare that to Japan and you get about 8000 aircraft,i dont think so.But, after all
    its just a game so if you can house rule it im sure it could be fun.

  • I think it would end up being like playing two games at once for the allies.

  • I am sure there is a way to combine the pieces of AAP and AAE with the board for AA.

  • The way my friends and I have done this is to use the pieces from AAP and AAE and the board from the original AA game. Same setup as described in AA, but all new rules apply that can be applied. Some of the cooler refinements of the later games are lost (oil money, airbases, convoy routes, etc.) but it does open things up for some new strategies. Some rules that make a huge difference are the two hit Bships, Russian Patriotic War, tank retreat, and destroyers. I’d love to make up some convoy centers and draw them on the old board, but that one doesn’t belong to me, so oh well.

  • admiral what is the tank rule, thanks

  • In AAP they changed tank movement so the tanks can retreat one space if they only moved one space in combat movement. Try playing AAE with this rule - it makes a huge difference to Germany.

  • oops, better clarify. The tanks have to go back to the territory from whence they invaded if they choose to pull back.

  • i suppose that a tank couldnt retreat from an amphibious landing? Admiral, where did you find/see this rule? Thanks again.

  • nope, can’t get back on a transport.
    It’s in the Pacific rules. I can’t quote you the page off the top of my head, but I know it’s in there.

  • Thanks, so The tank retreat rule is in the AAP Rules? Need to take a closer look then.

  • I’ve looked through all the references to tanks in the Pacific rules and I haven’t found any changes from the way it is in the other two games. Maybe you have a more recent edition, or something. Would infantry be unable to retreat then?

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  • Bossk, I was looking in the AAP rules to see if a tank could move into a battle, fight and win, then withdraw back to the area it started from.

    Infantry cant retreat from offshore landings
    i was just wondering if the tanks could according to that “new tank rule” states above.

    Canada rules the hockey World……Scores

  • The way I interpret the admirals statement is that a tank can only retreat (I’m talking about a regular land battle) if it came from a territory bordering the one being attacked. I have found no proof of such a rule ever having existed in any of the games. I’m quite baffled at how a rule would work; would infantry be unable to retreat due to the use of their movement point to attack the territory? Perhaps the admiral has a more recent edition of the rules in which this is clarified.

    Yeah, we’re all pretty happy about our victorys in the olypics, to understate the situation.

    aint no need to hide, aint no need to run, 'cuase I got you in the sights of my gun.
    -Led Zeppelin, How Many More Times

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  • well I went back and checked again and must admit I was mistaken. The tanks can only pull back from a blitz, which I guess has always been the rule. My bad. Anyway, having played with that rule for a few games of the kind described above, I still say it makes for a very interesting match. Germany benefits, but so does Russia since Russia gets to use her tanks more often.

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