I HAVE IT! How to Fix the Russia/Japan NAP!

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Make any declaration by either side, a declaration against all true neutrals.

    UNLESS Rome, Berlin, or Moscow has fallen!

  • Don’t like that rule at all, the NAP should be something that makes attacking them a bit more difficult, not suicidal. If it gives your opponent about 40 infantry and 20 income you might as well not allow Japan to attack Russia at all.

  • Who ever is the defender when the pact is broken gets +1 defense to all their units on the first round of combat, in combats launched by that opposing power.

    So that encourages players to keep some units on the border….because they will defend as if they were tanks on the first round.
    Or an AAA would defend at ‘2’ on the first round.

    Think trench warfare…both those powers were expecting an attack on that front (defensive posture) but didn’t have the initiative, or reason, to launch an attack.

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