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Japan Pearl Harbour Stratergy

  • Hey everyone,
    I’m a new player to axis and allies, having only played around half a dozen games over the past few months and have been lurking on the forums for a while.

    However, while browsing threads on a japanese pearl harbour stratergy and how it could be punished by a combined Anzac US attack on the rest of turn one, I had an idea.

    Essentially it revolves around japan declaring J1, taking out both the British BB around Malaya and the US fleet around the Philippines, but sending 2 CVs, a BB and CA to wake, while attacking SZ 26 with 4 planes plus 3 DDs and 1 sub. This means even with a scramble the US will lose the battle but Japan will retain at least one DD as a blocker against a US attack on its remaining fleet at wake. If the US moves to Hawaii it runs the risk of being attacked with up to 10 planes, as the 4 on the carriers can fly to the marshals while another 6 can land on Japans existing carriers. Combined with a trans buy on J1, this could threaten a landing on Hawaii J2.

    Any feedback, counterstrategies or flaws in this plan would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to joining the community and playing some games against you guys.

    Screenshots attached below (fighter in Kwangsi is supposed to be in Kwantung)

    Japan Pearl Harbour.PNG Japan Pearl Harbour 2.PNG

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    @darkneutron In short: For a table top game this is fine and can be a nice twist. For a forum game it is much harder because of the additional aids you have at your hands. Essentially it is easier to calculate everything with calculator, better understanding of what is going on too on the computer.

    The main negative thing about your startegy is that it fights USA at its home water. Hawaii is their home water. Japans main objective is the money islands, it is worth 20 IPC to Japan. Hawaii potentially 6 (12 if you count the impact on USA economy), but you will never hold it for more than a round. Your fleet is out of position, at wake, your planes are out of position for fighting China and maybe India. If you dont take the money islands and dont pay any attention on china you will loose the game.

  • @oysteilo, thanks for taking the time to reply to me.
    I guess they are out of position but the goal of this strategy is not to fight for Hawaii but rather inflict maximum damage on the US fleet on the first turn and then pivot south, while still projecting a threat they have to respond to. Is the damage, threat and hard decision the US has to make if something is pressing in Europe worth the fleet being located so far away?

    I appreciate your feedback and will consider it further.

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    This attack is an ok move, but it will limit some of the other things you could accomplish during your J1. You have pushed the US to max income and made his immediate objective clear (pushing you back off Hawaii).

    Considering that you have limited income in this scenario, his 70 should trump your 40, and he will eventually push you out of SZ 26.

    Because of this focus on the USA, other objectives (building factories, capturing VCs, money and india) may be missed, and so you would probably be less-well prepared to win the game or defeat america by trying to confront your biggest opponent first. What’s at risk is only 1CA 1 DD 1 SUB and 1 TT, so that reward has to be measured against the other things you could have done and like oystello says, its only a 6$ income swing.

    A easier way to approach this as japan is to spend your first 5 turns getting 5 VCs the old fashioned way, and then, while America is focused elsewhere or splitting his forces, take Hawaii (or Sydney) as the last VC with your plodding megafleet built over the course of the whole game and not diminished by the attrition you’ll suffer if you try to get into an early naval pawn for pawn type trade

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