Devastating US attack? - Potential safe landing space for planes

  • Hi,
    I have a rule question…
    In lastest revision of global:
    Setup: Japan navy is huge in z6 and 10 lonely TRNs in z19.
    US have 1 AC w. 1 FTR in z8 (edit: and a sub).

    Is US allowed to attack z19 with FTR if z6 is attacked with AC (edit: and with a sub) to give a potential safe landing space in z6?
    In AE50 and AAR the move would be legal, but is it legal in Global?

  • If you’re only attacking SZ 6 with a CV, then no.
    CVs have no attack value, so it is not possible to win the SZ 6 battle.
    If you attacked SZ 6 with, say, a DD, then yes, you could do it.  It is possible, however unlikely, to win the SZ 6 battle.

  • 2017

    Just to be clear, is it necessary to bring the carrier to SZ6 during CM in this scenario or not?

    I am pretty sure it isn’t necessary so long as there is a chance (no matter how slim) that the carrier could move to pick up the plane during NCM.

  • No.  You can leave the CV in SZ 8 during Combat moves.
    You’re operating under the assumption that you will win the SZ 6 battle and move the CV to SZ 6 during Non-combat.

    Now if you lose the SZ 6 battle - and you will - your fighter crashes into the ocean, but the CV can move anywhere else it wants during Non-combat.

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