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Sub sneak attack question

  • The scenario:

    It is G1, and Germany decides to attack sz112 with 1 sub (124), and the BB. In Sz112 is, of course, 1 French and 1 British cruiser.

    The sub fires first, and hits.

    Germany, at this point, wishes to submerge the sub and retreat the BB. Can this be done, or must the BB then fire, and the surviving cruiser get a shot back?

  • you can submerge and retreat your bb only at the start of roubd#2

    once you fire your sub is going to take retalations from the surviving ship. The BB has to fire too.

  • Official Answers


    you can submerge and retreat your bb only at the start of roubd#2

    No, you can’t.  You must either retreat them both at the end of round one, submerge the sub at the beginning of round two and fight only with the battleship, or fight with both in round two.

  • Thanks for the clarification. I still want my game Noll!

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