• I am Germany and want to do an amphibious assault against the Russian sub and cruiser in the Baltic Sea, hitting Leningrad/Novgorod. I take a transport, cruiser and a couple fighters and he does not submerge; the planes take out the cruiser but the sub, doggone it, hits a “1”, meaning I have to apply that hit to the cruiser cause subs can’t hit planes. So now it’s planes/transport against sub - and now I can’t unload because my planes cannot hit the sub but the sub can (and if I don’t retreat, eventually will) hit the transport. Is this correct - and retreating is, all things being equal, my only option? Thanks

  • You are correct, sir.

  • Thank you LeClerc

  • Customizer

    I take it the German cruiser rolled a miss? Because if the German cruiser hit, I think in this case the Russian player would have to apply that hit to the sub.
    Since cruisers and fighters both attack @ 3, did you just roll all three dice together? With the sub in the battle, you should have rolled the German cruiser and the German fighters separately.
    Now, if you did this and the German cruiser still missed, then yeah, the transport has to retreat. However, if the German cruiser hits and at least one of the fighters hit, then the Russian player would have to apply the cruiser hit to his sub and the fighter hit to the Russian cruiser.

  • '17 '16

    I assume the Russian sub did his surprise attack. No German DDs were present.

  • Customizer

    Ah yes, I forgot about that.

  • Right - should have made that clear. The Russian sub hit on it’s surprise attack removing the cruiser from battle before it had fired a shot. Had he survived I understand I would have been obligated (indeed it would have been to my benefit) to roll the cruiser and fighters separately.

  • Just to get this straight.

    I stumbled upon the (2nd ed.) rules regarding this particular situation (conduct combat) and it says:

    3. ALL attacking units roll their dice (and all units with the same attack value roll simultanuously, somewhere further in the rules).
    4. The defender MUST assign as much hits as possible (i.e. sub-hits on ships, other hits on air).

    It confuses me because applying all this to ‘the battle of the baltic sea’, doesn’t this mean that German attacking units all fire and if there is 2 (or more) hits from German FTR and CA combined, the defending Russian fleet MUST assign a hit to the sub (i.e. they MUST assume the German CA scored a hit)??
    Because all German FTR and CA roll @3 and we must roll them at the same time: taking the rules strictly I tend to think we are not allowed to separate the German CA from the FTR??

    If the Russian fleet would have, say 2 subs and all German attackers @3 score a hit, THEN only 1 sub can be taken as a loss because we cannot assume 2CA scored a hit where there is only 1…

    I Always separated the dice in situations like this baltic battle but now I am  :? :?

  • Germany had no destroyer, so the defending Russian sub rolled as a sneak attack–because it hit, the German CA was removed immediately and did not actually get to roll in the attack. Had the sub missed its sneak attack, the German CA and Fighters would have to be rolled separately to avoid ambiguity. Point (3) only says that the dice must be rolled simultaneously (i.e. before any casualties are chosen), it does not say that you don’t have to keep track of what unit rolled what. TripleA does this incorrectly because it has you pick air(non sub) casualties before any ships roll, when you’re only supposed to have to choose casualties after all dice are rolled.

  • @ColonelCarter:

    Point (3) only says that the dice must be rolled simultaneously (i.e. before any casualties are chosen), it does not say that you don’t have to keep track of what unit rolled what. (…)

    Thanks, Colonel, that cleared it to me. I can sleep well again, knowing I always played it right ;-).

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