Need advise on house rule, and potential unbalancing.

  • First post!

    My friends and I have all three games, and an extra A&A, between us. To a man, we dislike the expansion maps. We do, however, love some of the expansion features, so we’re trying to incorporate as many as we can into the classic A&A map.

    So far, we’ve introduced the sub/destroyer, two hit BB & IPC raid (Dfigters @ 2, Afighters @1) rules. They have been working great, and the old map is getting to be great fun once again.

    We have our eye on two potentially destabilizing rules, but we don’t want the balance of power to radically shift.

    1. CAP flights. There is a potential in this rule to allow the Brits to “lock down” the GB sea zone at B1. If the british player sends his/her three fighters on CAP at B1, that would give three strong defensive rolls at four to any fleet there. That would tie-up far too many resources from early Germany, as it is most unwise to allow a bridging fleet to exist in the sea zone that early in the game.

    Has anyone used the CAP rules on the clasic map? If so, how did it play out?

    1. half-tracks (new unit.)
      The unit
      Phisicaly: A tank from the classic A&A minus it’s turret (chop, chop)
      Cost: 8 IPC
      Range: 1 or 2 *
      Cargo: 1 inf and/or 1 art
      How it fights: Attck 0, Def 1 (can be lost as fodder)
      How it moves: It can move 1 space in the attack or 2 spaces in non-combat. It can be transported by sea either empty or loaded with 1 inf only.
      Spelled-out: you cannot blitz with it, and you cannot tow an arti piece while traveling by sea.

    In order to make away with the huge stacks of chips that, eventually & unavoidably, plow into eachother, we’d like to introduce a land transport unit. The reasoning behind is that a smaller force of combined arms will be far more flexible, yet still pack a punch. This way, the players are not locked into playing the same old way, hoping for diferent rolls this time. While initial deployment remains, opening moves and subsequent strategies, become stale.
    We have been playing the game for years, and are well aware of the different strategies available to us. You can stack the dice in your favor, but it remains a dice game, and catastrophy can strike whenever handfulls of die are being rolled.

    As you can see, the unit is specifically designed to allow inf and arti to keep-up with armor. At a hefty chunk of change, I doubt you’d see large stacks of it unbalancing the game, but I’m sure that someone can figure out an exploit.

    Can you see any glaring problems that may arise from introducing this unit? If so, which? Also, how many crowns should be allowed for this type of unit?


  • Re: CAP ftrs…
    UK would only have TWO at end of UK1. Even if UK built a ftr it must start ON UK TERRITORY.

    In addition, CAPS were developed during WWII I believe. So you could include a rule saying NO CAPS until TURN 2 as a suggestion,

    Re: Halftracks…
    I suggest you lower the IPC cost to 4-6(you work it out.) They attack at 1 or 2/defend at 1 or 2. Maybe put a limit of 1 or 2 built per turn to keep inf and arm as more important.

    As for movement…I recommend 2 territories, even in blitz, but limit blitz to be with 1 inf or 1 art unit…NOT both.

    Sorry I’m so late posting this but have been tied up and limiting posts so I thought I’d check out House Rules and what to my wandering did appear?

  • Yeah that half-track idea is pretty good, although i would rather not have to butcher my tank pieces. Perhaps, instead of creating a new unit you could instead have it so that for every tank, one infantry unit can be transported with it, but if attacking the tank and men both 2 or less. Or something crazy like that, im sure it needs much more refining, but something along those lines.

  • y not just put a marker under the tanks instead of mutilating the poor panzers?

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