• Okay, I just set up my A&A 1940 Pacific and Europe games together and I am excited to start my first game (probably against myself to get some of my dumb moves out of the way before I play my friends).  I have a few questions:

    1. Is the errata for 1940: Pacific taken into account in the Global game (i.e. does the Philippines get an airbase and naval base/ ANZAC’s change of ICs)?

    2. Does the UK player get to decide whether the National Objective bonus goes to the European or Pacific theater? Or, does the UK/ANZAC objective apply to the Pacific theater, and the German sub objective apply to Europe?

    3. (This is actually a rules question for Pacific and Global)  If the Allies capture one of the Kamikaze islands (i.e. the Philippines), use a few of their Kamikaze attacks, then recapture the island, can the Japanese player use his remaining Kamikaze attacks, or does he have to lose possession of one of the islands again?  Or, to make it a clearer question, is the Japanese player allowed to use his Kamikaze attacks anytime after the Allies capture one of the qualifying islands, or only during the time the Allies are actively holding the island(s)?

    4. Are the Mongolian neutrals “strict neutrals” as per the Europe: 1940 rules?  Will violation of Turkey’s neutrality activate The Pacific neutrals?

  • Official Q&A

    1. Yes.

    2. The UK Objective IPCs go to the Europe economy.

    3. Any time after the first island is captured.

    4. Yes.

    For more information on the Global game, see the Official Rules Clarifications.

  • post this in global not pacific

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    Eh?  :?

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