Playing first game tommorrow. some questions so that we can play.

  • 1. so kamakazi is an attack declared when an enemy moves into a sea zone with the kamakazi symbol on it. when i make an attack with my tokens does it function like normal combat? do the tokens act like planes or is something different that the rule book doesn’t mention? for example: if i score a hit with a token is the token removed or does combat continue until they are shot down?

    2. how do air bases and sea bases work? when it says adjecant sea zones does it mean the sea zone that the island with the base occupies? or every sea zone touching the sea zone with the island that has the base?

    3. i assume that combat moves are all made before anyone conducts combat. is this correct?

    4. can planes participate in defending a sea zone without an airbase present on the island/territory that they reside on?

  • 1. the tokens represent the kamikaze planes, and when you decide to use them, you call your victim and throw (1 or 2 is a hit). If you miss you lose that kamikaze (splash!). Remember the kamikazes have to get triggered first (by Allies taking certain territories, whcih i can’t remember all correctly). I’m not 100% sure but i think the kamikaezs can get used the next turn, after activation.

    2. AB gives all your planes 1 extra move .
      NB gives all your ships 1 extra move, and also repair damaged BB’s and AC’s.
      Yes it means all the seazones bordering to that land.

    3. That is correct.

    4. You mean scrambling? No, only when there is an AB there. Airplanes on an AC of course can.

  • hey thanks for the quick replies!

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