Starting NO's and question on UK IPC Split

  • TripleA

    So I started my first G40 game, and I was wondering if you adjust the starting IPC’s if the NO’s are met at the beginning of the game, or do you only add the IPC bonus at the collect income phase of your country, on the first turn?

    On this game we just added them up front, not sure if that is correct and I didn’t find an answer in the book.

    Lastly,  I don’t understand why UK IPC’s are split for Europe and Pacific.  The USA is one rather than split, why not UK?

    Aside from this, we were a few rounds in before we took a break for the night.  It is the funnest A&A game I’ve played so far, very happy with it.

  • NO’s aren’t collected before the game; otherwise, UK Europe would start with 34 ipcs, not 29.

    UK is splt because is Empire was stretched around the globe. Money from Canada and UK and Africa more easily reach UK than India. On the other hand, the US in contingent and well connected by railways

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