Germany's fate in Japan's hands?

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    Japan has to almost have a perfect game to take India round 4 by not losing any land units on the islands and taking out ANZAC’s DD + TT round 1.�  There are no guarantees in a dice game.

    Exactly.�  On top of that, even if Japan does take India round 4, how does it look on the rest of the board?�  Japan can’t take India round 4 AND dominate the waters AND completely wipe out China AND take care of the Siberian troops (most games I’m using those units to attack Manchuria or Korea) AND completely control the money islands.�

    If Japan goes all out to get India by round 4 the Allies can cause them a lot of headaches elsewhere.�

    I think new players favor the Calcutta crush, while experienced players understand other priorities.

    And I’ll fully admit that Calcutta crush can appear unstoppable to new players who find themselves on the receiving end

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