Axis & Allies Guadalcanal FAQ

Shortly after the recent release of Axis & Allies Guadalcanal [Amazon] Avalon Hill published an Gudalcanal FAQ for the game based on questions from the designers and various players, including players from this site. Before the FAQ there were mote articles about the game that were published. First was Developer’s Notes Part 2: The Guadalcanal Battle System and the second was Developer’s Notes Part 3: The Economy of Guadalcanal.


Guadacanal Developer’s Notes and Rules Errata

Last week Avalon Hill published two stories by Nate Heiss, a developer of the Axis & Allies Guadalcanal. The first article, Guadalcanal Developer’s Notes Part 1, is an introduction of the Guadalcanal game. The second article, Guadalcanal Developer’s Notes part 2, goes over the details of the battle box (which we reported about a few weeks earlier). Finally, it is important to at least read the end of both stories because there are rules errata for the game. For your convenience the rules errata is listed below.


Larry Harris Tournament Rules (LHTR) 1.3

The Larry Harris Tournament Rules version 1.3 are a set off rules for Axis & Allies Revised that are commonly used in tournaments and other game play. The rules were created by Larry Harris, the creator of Axis & Allies and has additionally been worked on by several players and tournament game masters. The work continues at Larry's own site Harris Game Design.


Axis & Allies Battle of the Bulge FAQ

The first "official" FAQ for Axis & Allies Battle of the Bulge is now available. However, it has only been posted to the Avalon Hill message forums so it does not have the appearance of being official. Use this link to view the FAQ on the AH forums or for your convenience it is listed below and attached as a PDF file. Thanks to Krieghund (who still is not a member of the Axis & Allies.org forums) for putting this great FAQ together.