Axis & Allies Holiday Gift Guide 2009

The holidays are nearly upon us and Axis & Allies.org has a list of suggestions for holiday gifts for 2009. All of the gifts on this list are either directly related to Axis & Allies brand games or related to World War II in general. We have suggestions for board games, accessories, miniatures games, clothing, movies, and television. Enjoy, and happy holidays!


Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 Pictures and Fact Sheet

The newest upcoming installment of Axis & Allies will be Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 and is scheduled to be released sometime in December, with the exact date to be determined. This game promises to be an improvement over the previous version of Axis & Allies Pacific and will also include new units and game mechanics. Furthermore, according to creator Larry Harris, this game will be able to be combined with the upcoming, June 2010, Axis & Allies Europe 1940.


Announcing Field Marshal Games as an Official Sponsor

Over the past few weeks you may have noticed a few new banners on the site for a store called Field Marshal Games. Today I would like to announce that Field Marshal Games is now an Official Sponsor of Axis and Allies.org. Field Marshal Games is the only online game store with a strong dedication to the Axis & Allies game player community. This is seen in not only the A&A game offerings but also with the unique and exclusive World War II themed game accessories that can be used with your Axis & Allies games.

The following is description of Field Marshal Games from the company themselves: read more