Axis & Allies Events

The following is a list of past and upcoming  events featuring Axis & Allies games. These will vary from small local events to major national events. If you would like to see your Axis & Allies event on this page, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Be sure to checkout the Events category on the forums for up to date events and details. If you would like to see your event here, please post it to the Events category and mention @djensen to have it posted here.

Current Events


March 23, CarrierCon

Website: CarrierCon 2019
Location: Alameda, CA, USA on the USS Hornet (CV-12)
Details: This is a 1 day event from 10am to 5pm. We will be playing Anniversary with carrier house ruels and Guadalcanal. Please read the forum posting for more details.

March 24, Spring Battle of Britain

Website: Spring Battle of Britain on
Location: Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Details: Games played will be Axis & Allies 1914 and Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition.

April 5-6, Spring Gathering XVII

Website: Spring Gathering XVII
Location: Alexandria, KY, USA
Details: Games played will include Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition, Ikusa, War Room, and Black Orchestra.

June 12-16, Origins

Website: Origins Game Fair
Location: Columbus, OH, USA
Details: Please visit The Smorey Swamp for more details on this event. Should include events for most Axis & Allies games.

August 1-4, Gen Con

Website: Gen Con
Location: Indianapolis, IN, USA
Details: Please visit The Smorey Swamp for more details on this event. Will include events for all Axis & Allies games and more.

Past Events


February 23, Amsterdam

Website: Amersterdam event on
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Details: PLease visit the link for more details.

March 7 – 10, Gary Con XI

Website: Gary Con XI
Location: Lake Geneva, WI, USA
Details: Events will be Axis & Allies & Zombies games only and run by Greg Smorey. Visit The Smorey Swamp for more details.


Mar. 23-24Battle of Tennessee VFranklin, TN (Nashville)
Apr. 6 – 7Spring Gathering XVIAlexandria, KY (Cincinnati)
Jun. 15 – 19Origins (SmoreySwamp events)Columbus, OH
Jul. 21Portland-Seattle Axis & Allies ChallengeSeattle, WA
 Aug. 2 – 5 Gen Con (SmoreySwamp Events) Indianapolis, IN
 Oct. 5 – 7Battle of Franklin IVFranklin, TN (Nashville)


Feb. 18 – 22Battle of Tennessee IIISmithville, TN (outside of Nashville)
Apr. 1 – 2Spring Gathering XIVToledo, OH
Jun. 15 – 19OriginsColumbus, OH
Aug. 4 – 7Gen ConIndianapolis, IN 
Aug. 27 – 28Field Marshal Gaming ConOshawa, Ontario, Canada
(near Toronto)
Oct. 7 – 9Battle of Franklin IIFranklin, TN (20 min South of Nashville)


Feb.  5 – 8Battle of Tennessee IISmithville, TN
Feb. 13 – 16DundraconSan Ramon, CA
April 10 – 11Spring Gathering XIIICincinnati, OH
May 22 – 24NashConFranklin, TN
May 22 – 25KublaConBurlingame, CA (SF Bay Area)
June 3 – 7OriginsColumbus, OH
July 30 – August 2GenCon – The big event!Indianapolis, IN
Oct. 2 – 4Battle of Lakeside IILakeside Resort, Smithville, TN


Feb. 7 – 9Battle of TennesseeSmithville, TN
Apr. 25 – 26Spring GatheringCincinnati, OH
May 16 – 18HBGCon (Website Sponsor)Tulsa, OK
May 23 – 26KublaconBurlingame, CA
(San Francisco Bay Area)
Jun. 11 – 14OriginsColumbus, OH
July 18 – 20KantConOverland Park, KS (Kansas City area)
Aug. 4 – 10World Boardgaming ChampionshipsLancaster, PA
Aug. 14 – 17GenConIndianapolis, IN
Sep. 6 – 7Field Marshal Gaming Convention
(Website Sponsor)
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
(near Toronto)

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