Axis & Allies 1942 Release Date and Photos and Reviews on BGG

The official release date for Axis & Allies 1942 is set for Tuesday, August 18, 2009, which is only 17 days from now. It is also rumored that it will be available for sale during the GenCon gaming convention in Indianapolis.

It has also come to our attention that a copy of Axis & Allies 1942 has been reviewed and photographed and the details have been posted to Board Game Geek. See the links and sample photos below.


Axis & Allies 1942 Edition to be Released in August

Members of Axis & Allies recently uncovered that Avalon Hill will be releasing a new version of Axis & Allies in August 2009. The details are few and are limited to an article at Previews. The name of the new game will be Axis & Allies 1942 Edition and will retail for $35. The image to the right was also found on the previews article and look remarkably similar to the Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition box cover.