Members of Axis & Allies recently uncovered that Avalon Hill will be releasing a new version of Axis & Allies in August 2009. The details are few and are limited to an article at Previews. The name of the new game will be Axis & Allies 1942 Edition and will retail for $35. The image to the right was also found on the previews article and look remarkably similar to the Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition box cover. Discuss here


Other details from the Previews article are:

Spring 1942… the world is at war! Five world powers struggle for supremacy: Germany and Japan are aligned against England, the Soviet Union, and the USA. You control the military and economic destiny of one of these countries in the titanic struggle that will decide the fate of the world. You will need the perseverance of Montgomery, the daring of Rommel, the courage of Patton, the timing of Yamamoto, and the steadfastness of Zhukov! This new edition of the classic game of strategic conquest features new units, sculpts, and updated rules.